Top 3 Most Popular Tools To Increase Youtube Views

If you are a social media user then you can never neglect the power of Youtube. With the help of youtube, you can even make the best changes in your life. No matter if the changes are financial or intellectual. At the same time if you are a Youtuber then some tools available on the internet can help you a lot to get as many views as you want. Here through this article, we will try to aware you of those 3 important tools. That can help you to make a successful Youtube channel and get more and more youtube views on your Youtube video.

Youtube Search Engine Recommendation

As you know before making your Youtube video you need basic keyword research. Without knowing the need and intent of your audience your videos can not get as many views as you want. But if you are creating a full playlist then the situation is different. Here for finding the best highly popular keywords in your niche you can take the help of Youtube recommendations themselves. Here you just have to place a random keyword regarding your niche. And then you will get mane recommendation automatically. Instead of the help of high-paid tools to find out the keywords you can take the help of this basic already given tool.

Making thumbnail with the help of Canva

If you do not have some prior knowledge of PhotoShop, at the same time you are lack of money to afford photoshop. Then you can take the help of the free image editing tool Canva. And here you have multiple options to make your Youtube thumbnail exciting and attractive. Most of the time your youtube video’s thumbnail will decide, the probability of your youtube video’s views. That is why you need to make a thumbnail for your videos that include your main keywords with a creative and attractive copy.

Track the full record of your Youtube channel with Google Analytics

Now if you want to know about your targeted audience in detail then you can take the help of Google Analytics. You can add an analytics tracker on your channel and then figure out all the activities of your audience. What types of ages, countries, language, etc they have. And then on the behalf of that data, you can make the best possible content for your users. Because now you are aware of their personal preferences. As well as you can make some changes in your content that you did not make initially in your content.


Now at the end of this article, we would like to mention that if you want to take the help of some paid tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and others. Then feel 100% free to do that. Because if you do that you might get some extraordinary for your Youtube channel. And you can increase your Youtube view in a large way. And make sure you are doing whatever you need to grow your youtube channel.

Initially, you can invest some of your money in paid tools that can help you to grow your Youtube views. And once you feel that now you have a better understanding of the mindset of your audience. Then you can organize your channel just with the help of free methods. And here if you want to buy Youtube views Malaysia then you can visit our website and get real Youtube views on your videos. Also, the prices are very affordable that everyone can afford.