Top 5 last mile delivery companies India

When you are about to tie up with a courier service provider, what are the things that you look for? One of the major facilities that you look for is ontime delivery. There are also other facilities that you may look for in the last mile delivery such as live tracking. 

But how do you know whether the service providers are offering you these services or not? One of the best ways is to go through the service page of the website. Also, you should go through the customer reviews so that you can know exactly about the company. 

Of course, searching for the right last mile delivery company can be a tricky thing. Specially, when it is among several options claiming to be the best. In such a case, here are the top 5 last mile delivery company India that you can think of. 


This Gurgaon-located last mile delivery company has gained a reputation over time with its professional services and experienced professionals. They have managed to acquire a number of reputed brands in the country for the last mile delivery services. Some special features that Softage offers are fast delivery, accuracy in delivery, order tracking, and PAN India delivery.

The last mile delivery services also features other elements too. These are hyper local delivery, same day delivery, scheduled delivery, and standard delivery. The company has been offering its services to a diverse number of industries. Some of them are ecommerce, groceries, telecom, finance, healthcare, custom, food, and Government sectors. 

Softage started its journey in Gurgaon, India. But now, it has its services across the world in different countries such as Dubai, kenya, and the USA. 


Delhivery by now has become one of the best last mile courier services in India. Quite obvious it is due to the services that it offers. The company has more than 75% of its clients in the ecommerce sector. Delhivery has offered a good number of facilities and services to the clients for sure. It has also offered a great shopping experience for the customers of these clients too.

Cash on delivery and online tracking are some of the eminent features o Delhivery that makes the customers take a sigh of relief. Some of the eminent features and facilities that the company has been offering are same day delivery, next day delivery, and on-demand delhivery/ 


DTDC is one of the oldest names in India in terms of logistics. Now, the company has been also offered last mile delivery to the customers. Due to this, some of the major ecommerce companies have been relying upon DTDC for their delivery of goods at the doorsteps of the customers.

While DTDC has still not come up with the ideas of same day delivery and similar properly, there are some other features due to which the client has trust in this company. The convenience of heavy-weight shipping and bulk shipping are some of the major features of the company. There are so many clients by now that trusts DTDC for a secure and guaranteed last mile delivery from one state to another. 

Ecom Express:

Another last mile delivery service provider that has turned out to be one of the favourites of the clients is Ecom Express. Most ecommerce service providers who deal with expensive items such as jewellery or other high-value items have extreme trust in this particular company for the purpose of delivery. The company offers a range of unique and necessary services such as express delivery and quality check at the doorstep of the customers. These services do not just save time but also make the process much convenient and transparent. 


If it is about the best last mile delivery services providers in India, GATI is a name that has to be there on this list. The company has been offering last mile delivery services for quite some time now and a lot of clients trust the company due to its reliability factors. The company does not just offer logistics but also a warehousing facility that ensures the safety of the shipments. Cash on delivery, customizable pickups from the warehouse, and many similar other services are the specialty of GATI. Hence, a wide number of companies today prefer to choose GATI for their shipments within the state as well as outside the state. 

Thus, here is a fair list of the top 5 last mile delivery companies in India. These companies are known for their services and for their reputation in the market. It is due to their professionalism and experienced expertise that different well-known client have trust in them regarding shipments. Have you been thinking of selecting the right last mile delivery service for you? Go through the above-mentioned options and choose the one that suits your requirements.