Top 9 Bengal Cotton Handloom Sarees to Explore

Handloom cotton sarees represent the heritage and pride of India in several different ways. They are more than just known for creating bold statements, whether at parties or for daily use. While the diversity of India creates a ground for indigenous crafts, handloom sarees from Bengal have always been in the spotlight.

The Bengal handloom cotton sarees are distinctly different in the way they follow a unique and ancient weaving technique. Naturally, it is easier to figure out the identity of every cotton saree produced in Bengal. From the indomitable spirit of the makers and weavers to the stores that stock sarees, each step spontaneously connects with the other.

Handloom of West Bengal

You have often come across the term “Taant Shilpa” wherein sarees are weaved in handlooms situated mostly in the Shantipur district. While handloom saree weaving in Bengal can be traced back to the 15th century, it continued to flourish since then. Gradually, when weavers from the Tangail district of Bangladesh migrated to India, they brought their ancestral weaving techniques with them. Today, you will come across signature cotton saree styles with distinctive blends from different regions of Bengal. So, handloom weaving is the cultural tradition of West Bengal and falls just behind agriculture from an economic standpoint.

Here are some of the Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata coming from handloom weavers of West Bengal.

Cotton handloom sarees from Bengal

1.   Dhakai Jamdani

Among a wide range of ethnic Bengali sarees, Dhakai Jamdani sarees look stunning and are popular as well. The best part of wearing this saree is its breathable fabric that offers comfort around the year.

2.   Taant

Taant is one of the most popular Bengali cotton sarees to pick from. Not only is the fabric soft but the designs, especially the “butis” make them unique. It is the perfect apparel to choose, no matter what the occasion is, and needs no introduction. So, if you are looking for pure Bengal handloom cotton sarees, taant is among the most popular fabrics to choose from.

3.   Mulmul Cotton Saree

Mulmul cotton sarees comprise mainstream collections today and have intensely soft textures. It is also among the cotton sarees that are fast turning into office wear. The simplicity of the fabric and the mesmerising designs has also made these sarees popular on various social media platforms. Are you crazy about mul cotton sarees? Check the mul saree collections from Dora By Phoenix, which is a leading online saree boutique and pick some attractive ones for the upcoming summer season.

4.   Dhonekhali Cotton Sarees

Explore a wide range of dhonekhali cotton sarees comprising hundred-by-hundred thread counts and borders ranging between 1.5 to 2 inches. You will come across borders adorned with muga, zari, and tussar. It is often worn on auspicious Bengali occasions, especially for the Nandi-mukh ritual on the wedding day.

5.   Begumpuri Sarees

Begumpur is a village situated in the Hooghly district of West Bengal and handloom weaving is their primary occupation. The balanced texture weaving comprises the speciality of Begumpuri sarees with narrow borders turning broad gradually. You can identify this saree from the designs it has and its distinct technique of weaving, usually with contrast shades on the body and the borders. A hand block print saree on Begumpur cotton is among the favourite collections of women preferring authentic Bengali sarees with a hint of modern elements.

6.   Khesh Sarees

Khesh is a popular saree fabric and one of the most creative handloom sarees from Bengal. The reason is how the saree designers create prints on Khesh stitch cutouts of different fabrics. If you are looking for unique fabrics that have a story to tell, try khesh cotton sarees.

7.   Printed Cotton Sarees

Come summer and you will come across huge collections of printed cotton sarees online. Want to know why? The fabric is breathable and provides comfort during humid summers. Another reason why women love wearing printed cotton sarees is that it is skin-friendly and ideal for day-to-day wear and is reasonably priced. The Bengali New Year’s day is the time when many Bengali women love to flaunt their cotton-printed saree collections.

8.   Tangail Sarees

Named after Tangail, a place situated in erstwhile Bangladesh, this Bengal cotton saree requires no introduction. With minimal designs on the body and attractive offers, Tangail sarees become an instant hit.

9.   Shantipuri Bengali Cotton Sarees

Shantipur is the hub of handloom artisans in West Bengal and the native weave is not only comfortable, but is pretty attractive as well. Bengal handloom cotton sarees offer a sheer variety of textiles with amazing prints and designs. If you want to buy a traditional cotton Bengali saree, you can make the look complete with authentic accessories and complete your attire with designer blouses.

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