August 10, 2022

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Top Real Money Earning Games Online in India

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money earning games online

Competitive money-based gaming as a profession has become so popular that various types of online money-making games have entered the everyday life of the general public.

Most people play real money earning games online as entertainment for extra income. Still, many spend more time playing such online games professionally and with the dedication they put in, it has become a form of primary income in many ways. This is the nature of money-earning games online suitable for most people, but only above the age of 18.

Online Real Money Earning Games in India

There are many such games, but here are a few that have our interests piqued:

  • Rummy Card Game
  • Poker Game Online 
  • Teen Patti Card Game
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Call Break Game 
  • 3 2 5 Card Game

There are many free money-earning games online that you can play for real money. Thousands of Indians are now earning money from online games like rummy, poker and Teen Patti. 

Let’s take a closer look at these types of online card games:

Rummy Card Game

This is a pure skill-based game as the players have to make a pure/mixed sequence according to the rules of the game. The player who first arranges all his cards in such order and sets his cards accordingly wins the game. Rummy is also one of the real money games that can be played by 2 to 6 players.

The online Rummy card game does not involve betting and is a game of skill played by many professionals and amateurs alike who make money playing online games. Players who play to win must make a valid sequence using the pile of cards in their hands. Since the main goal of winning the card game of Rummy is to arrange all the cards correctly before declaring them, it becomes a very stressful game of wits and skill. RummyBaazi is one of the online money-making sites where players can play various forms of rummy to make real money.

Poker Game

It is one of the most played strategic online real money games in India, where the game consists of betting rounds. Multiple players can play at one poker game table or more and call, check, raise or fold during a betting round depending on the strength of the cards in their hand. This makes poker one of the top five money-making games in India.

Teen Patti Card Game

This is similar to a Poker game, but in this type of online money-making game, players are dealt 3 cards and depending on the strength of their hand, the player who survives till the end wins the pot of money that is staked by all players playing the game. However, unlike poker, Teen Patti is a chance based game that doesn’t require any particular set of skills to thrive.

Fantasy Cricket 

Fantasy Sports has been around the block and is a huge hit among cricket fans. The game enters the virtual genre and includes real characters but a fantasy team. This means that Fantasy Cricket uses real cricket players from national cricket teams from leading countries and allows players to build the best cricket teams on a virtual platform. You can make money playing games like this by following the sport and betting on the real achievements of real cricket players accordingly in fantasy cricket games to achieve desired results . 

Call Break Card Game

This card game is most widely known in South Asian countries, especially India and Nepal. Call Break multiplayer game involves using a deck of cards. It is a strategy game based on skill which includes bid, trump, and tricks. The Call Break card game, also called Call brake, is a variant of the game of spades. All 4 players participating in the game receive 13 cards, and the rules of the game are very easy to learn. Spades have an advantage over other cards in that they are standard trump cards.

3 2 5 Card Game

The 3 2 5 card game is very popular in India. You can also find this card game by the name, 5 3 2 and 2 3 5. It can only be played between three players with 30 cards from the deck. The deck of cards does not include cards under 8 and contains only 7 hearts and 7 spades. Here, 7 hearts has a higher rank than 7 of spades. Following the sequence of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, from high to low.

Of the three players, one will be the dealer, the other the cutter, and finally the third player. The dealer deals the cards, and the cutter or caller cuts the deck and calls the trump card. The player with the trump sits on the right and the other player on the left.

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