December 9, 2021

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Top Things to Do in Adelaide for Students

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Adelaide is one of Australia’s most stunning cities with plenty to do. The city is often considered a student favourite destination as it has a wide range of opportunities and a plethora of recreational and leisure activities. Students heading to Adelaide will find that the quaint city is packed with a number of experiences, hospitable city folk, and like-minded international students from across the globe. If you wish to step out of your student accommodation Adelaide, here are some things you can do to pass time.

Browse Around at Rundle Mall

If you’re looking to do some shopping and want a large variety of styles, Rundle Mall is the place to be. The mall is at the heart of the city’s main shopping area and is known for its bronze pigs that are found in the mall. You also have to see the Adelaide Arcade which is a stunningly restored piece of architecture in the centre of the mall.

Treat Yourself at Haigh’s Chocolates

Can’t seem to get over your sweet tooth? Haigh’s Chocolates are family-owned chocolatiers that will have you salivating over their delicious treats. Even if you’re not a fan of chocolate, Haigh’s has a variety of locally produced chocolates that are unmatched. Most South Australian’s will tell you that the oldest family-owned chocolate company is the best in the world!

  Meander Around Adelaide’s Central Market

If you’re running out of groceries and have friends coming over to your student accommodation in Adelaide, the most convenient place to shop is in the local Central Market. The market is in one of Australia’s landmark buildings and has several freshly baked bread, different types of ground coffee, fresh local produce and much more. You can also find food from multifarious cuisines including Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, German, and much more. Adelaide’s Central Market is definitely one of the best places to shop for food.

  Appreciate Art at the South Australia Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of South Australia is one of the finest visual art galleries in Australia. The museum is free to enter since the curators believe art should be accessible to everyone and is probably one of the best places to go if it’s South Australian culture you’re in search of. The beautiful architecture of the art gallery is full of great art collections and boasts over 38,000 pieces including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and arts from around the world. 

    Climb the Picturesque Trails for Free

If you want to discover places outside of the regular tourist attractions, walking or cycling around is your best bet. Head out of your student accommodation in Adelaide and test your endurance and stamina with the free self-guided tours. Adelaide is full of relaxing and super fun walking and cycling trails that allow you to become one with nature and discover hidden neighbourhoods, cafes, culture and music! If you want to immerse yourself in Adelaide’s lesser known activities, why not take one of the self guided trails with your squad? There are different levels of difficulty, so you can choose to make it a day trip, or even a 15-minute walk.

   Explore Adelaide’s Wonderful Churches

Adelaide was famously known as the City of Churches due to its stunning churches that demonstrated the utmost grandeur and artistry. There are cathedrals at every corner in the city and they’re all tolerant towards other denominations, faiths and beliefs. St. Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide is the biggest church in the city and the magnificent architecture makes it a must-visit for everyone visiting Adelaide.

   Study at the State Library of South Australia

The State Library is a great place to study if you want a change of scenery from your usual student accommodation in Adelaide. It is South Australia’s cultural hub and home to a repository of iconic photographs, letters, rich art pieces, manuscripts, and more. The State Library has several items on display that proudly express South Australia’s abundant development and history. Exhibitions include sports, culture, art, architecture, wine, religion, and others.

Students who are moving to Adelaide have access to some of the most awe inspiring landscapes and fulfilling activities. Even your student accommodation in Adelaide is full of opportunities with regular social events, parties, excursions, and workshops that will help you meet new people and teach you a thing or two!

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