4 Strategies for Discovering Compelling Topics When Writing B2B Blog Posts

Blogging has become a great marketing tool in the digital age and that’s why B2B content marketing is a sound strategy to increase brand awareness and drive sales. However, after some time, coming up with fresh and engaging topics for B2B blog posts can become a challenge.

Generating new topics isn’t enough. They also need to compel users to click on the link and drive organic traffic to your website. Website content writers come up with ideas that engage users in your industry regularly. 

Optimal approaches for generating fresh B2B blog concepts from content writing services

Align your business goals with customer needs

Generating new ideas for B2B blogs isn’t a challenge when your business goals align with your audience’s interests. Your content strategy allows you full control over the brand messaging. However, it’s important to note that your readers wouldn’t invest their valuable time in a post that’s not helping them solve a problem or address an issue. 

Your blog will remain an essential marketing tool to progress your business goals. But, there are times when your goals are perfectly matched to deliver reader demand. Harness this content sweet spot to generate new B2B post ideas. Think about issues that plague your industry and think about how you can solve them with your products or services and address the same in your content. 

Moreover, there’s no need to sell your product on every post. That makes you seem less genuine. Sell your offerings in a few posts and try to build relationships with the readers in the rest. No one likes to talk to a salesman. That’s why the best content writing services often nudge users into subscribing to free newsletters or weekly insights instead of directly asking readers to buy your stuff. 

Use customer feedback

You must have spent hours with your team brainstorming ideas for the next content. Instead of keeping that session limited within the organization, extend the question to your customer base. When you ask questions to your audience base, they can communicate their pain points and real issues that bother them in the industry. When you write content on those topics, engagement is guaranteed. 

Maintaining consistent client communication can uncover novel content concepts, giving you a significant competitive advantage. Create transparent communication and feedback channels through surveys, emails, and calls. Collect and analyze customer feedback to identify recurring themes. Utilize these patterns as starting points for collaborative brainstorming with your team. Once you’ve generated a few promising ideas, consider enlisting a trusted website content writing service to produce polished and concise content.

Steal ideas from the competition

You analyze the competition to come up with new products and improve your existing service. Why not do the same for exploring new blog post ideas in the industry? Visit the blog section on your competitor’s website and any other blogs that are related to your industry. You might land on a topic that hasn’t been covered by you. Address those gaps in your content strategy and steal ideas from the competition to write better ideas on the same topic.   

When you provide more value to your customers on the same topic, you get to outrank them on the search engine and even grab a share of their customer base. While writing your blog posts, make sure to:

  • Research in depth
  • Provide more relevant information
  • Link to authoritative sources 
  • Build links to your post

If that seems like a hassle, you can hire a content writer to produce high-quality content regularly. 

Use AI

There are several AI tools that can help you come up with B2B content ideas that are actively searched by people. If you’re thinking about popular AI tools like ChatGPT, make sure that you use GPT-4(paid version) instead of GPT 3.5(free version). The former is updated with the latest information and can inform you about current trends. 

Otherwise, you can use Google’s Bard and other free AI tools to do your research. Bard even allows you to find trending topics within a specific geo-location. For instance, if you want B2B content topics for your catering service in Los Angeles, search for “ Give me the top ten trending B2B content topics for a catering service in LA”. 

As a business, you can’t afford to ignore B2B content marketing. However, coming up with new ideas and writing captivating content that fulfills your business goals may seem like a drag. You’re better off leaving that grind to professional website content writers while you spend more time knowing your customers and increasing your revenue. 

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