Tube-Framed Metal Buildings vs. Red Iron Buildings – Which is Best For Your Structure?

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Steel is the most favored construction material that is highly used for skyscraper structures. Today, metal buildings are in huge demand as it offers myriad benefits. The biggest reason behind the increased demand for steel is its eco-friendly trait. Steel can be recycled and reused, making it a promising building material.

First-time buyers always get confused between tube frames and red iron frames when planning their next building installation.

Knowing about these options is essential before putting your hard-earned money into any metal structure.

What is Red Iron Construction?

Red iron is also known as a rigid frame primarily used for small and mid-sized projects. These are I-beam structures that are used to build big structures. The red-iron construction is highly used for churches, retail stores, warehouse buildings, and more. However, red iron construction requires heavy machinery for installation due to heavy weight.

Moreover, as the red iron construction is difficult to work on, it is costlier than other options.

What is Tube-framed Construction?

As the name suggests, tube-framed steel buildings are hollow metal tubes that can be either round, square, or rectangle in shape. They resemble pipes but vary in terms of thickness and diameter.

The foremost reason for selecting tube framing is that they are cost-effective and easy to use. This construction option is less expensive compared to red-iron. Moreover, tube-framed construction is lightweight, making it the perfect construction option for DIY projects. Above all, tube-framed construction has a high stress-absorption capability.

However, if you plan to opt for tube-frame construction, you should know that they have less structural strength, making them prone to harsh weather. It means they can easily collapse in adverse weather conditions. For structural strength, it’s crucial to install the posts every five to eight feet.

When it comes to selecting the best among the two, which is a good option? Metal building experts always suggest tubular framed steel building over red iron construction. Below are the reasons why tubular framed structures are a better investment option.

Quick Installation: As tubular frames are lightweight, they are easy to transport. Furthermore, quick transportation saves delivery time and encourages quick installation. Another benefit of tube-framed steel buildings is that they don’t require onsite cutting, drilling, or welding. These structures only require onsite assembly.

Less Upkeep Required: Once installed, the maintenance of tubular frame structure requires minimal maintenance. Tubular structures are resistant to rusting, corrosion, moisture, and other environmental troubles. Hence, they don’t require heavy maintenance to stay in good condition.

Good Option for DIY Projects: If you are looking for DIY building projects, tubular framed construction is an excellent option to invest in. These structures are delivered in prefabricated components that come with an installation guide. So, you can follow the step-by-step guide and install your structure by yourself.

Versatile Designs: Buildings constructed with tubular frames can be customized in versatile designs that make your prefab steel structure a unique look. You can also bring your dream building into reality with multiple customization options. If you are still unsure about the right building structure, you can take benefit of a 3D building estimator that helps you design a structure from scratch.

With that said, you can now take the wise decision between red iron and tubular framed structures for your next big project.

Whenever you choose a prefab structure, you should always find the right metal building dealer that can provide you best-quality structure. The selection of the right dealer is challenging for first-time buyers. Hence, below are some tips to choose the right dealer for your dream metal building.

Building Designs: Check various building designs the dealer offers you. It’s always an excellent option to find a dealer that can provide you with multiple buying options. With multiple designs, you get a clear vision of your needs and fits your budget.

Check Dealer’s History: Before you finalize a building, make sure to research about dealer’s history. Research well and grab detailed knowledge about the previous customers. Checking online reviews is the best way to filter the right dealer and start your buying journey.

Check Availability of RTO & Financing Options: Many dealers provide RTO and financing options, while some provide limited features. You should always finalize a dealer that can provide easy financing options. You can call metal building experts and ask about financing options before shortlisting your steel building.

Now, you are all set to make a wise decision and order an ideal structure for your land.