Tummy Tuck Surgery – The Surgical Way To Get The Best Tummy Shape

This surgery method is suitable for people with excess skin and fat on their stomachs. The tummy tuck surgery will be helpful for people who were obese before and become thin now. Those kinds of people will have excess fat residues and loose skin, so they can use this surgery to tighten their skin. In India, many men and women use this surgery option, and the tummy tuck surgery cost in Jaipur is much more affordable for all people. 

Ladies who had several pregnancies can use this surgery to tighten their abdomen. This surgical process is quite painful, and it takes about a month for complete recovery. This tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery, and many people undergo this surgery to make their body shape perfect and attractive. In doctor’s terms, this tummy tuck surgery is abdominoplasty, and it helps to change the physical look of a person.  

Process Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

This surgery has three steps, and each step will be necessary for completing the entire surgery. Like all other normal surgery processes, the first step is anesthesia. Performing this surgery needs more time, so doctors provide anesthesia for the patients, making them sleep until they complete the surgery. There are two types of anesthesia in this process: intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. 

The incision is the following process after providing anesthesia. Doctors will cut a particular region between the belly button and the pubic hairline in this process. This process entirely depends on the total amount of excess skin. Then they cut the extra part and replace it with the existing abdomen skin. Other cutting methods will remove the excess skin and fat from the navel region. After completing all these processes, doctors will close all the openings with sutures, tapes, clips, and skin adhesives. These are the process of tummy tuck surgery. 

Preparations And Types Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

The essential preparation from the patient side is to select a perfect surgeon and proper consultation. Patients with smoking habits should stop smoking before two weeks of surgery because smoking will reduce recovery speed, and they should not smoke after surgery. They should avoid an extreme food diet before surgery, and they should have proper and balanced food with adequate nutrition, which helps improve the curing speed. And patients should inform about all the herbal medicines and drugs they use. 

The tummy tuck surgery is of two types, and the tummy tuck surgery cost in Jaipur for both surgeries is affordable. Complete abdominoplasty and partial or mini-abdominoplasty are the two types of surgeries. In the first method, doctors will cut the skin from one part of the hipbone to the other and remove skin tissues and muscles as per requirement. This process will move the patient’s belly button and have drainage tubes for the initial days. The partial or mini tummy tuck is for people with fat deposits at their lower tummy below the belly button. Doctors will not move the belly button in this surgery, and these are the two types of tummy tuck surgeries.


After completing surgery, patients will have severe pain and swelling in the surgery region. Doctors provide various pain killers and medications for these side effects. At this time, people will feel tiredness and numbness. This surgery has complications like internal bleeding, infection, and blood clots. All these are rare, and most patients will not have these problems. This surgery is not suitable for diabetes, lungs, and liver problems. And this process is not ideal for women who will be pregnant. These are the complications that tummy tuck surgery will have. 


This tummy tuck surgery will be the best option for people who lose weight and have excess loose skin on their bellies. After the surgery process, the patients should follow all the rules and conditions of the doctors. For affordable surgery, people can prefer India because the tummy tuck surgery cost in Jaipur is low than in other areas.