Want to Understand the Term Search Intent? Here’s The Guide!

Have you ever wondered how some pages rank on top when you type in a specific query on the internet? What key terms do they use? You’ll find everything in this blog! However, before starting, you should visit the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi for SEO-related help.

The term ‘search intent’ is something that leaves a significant impact on the ranking of a particular blog. Now, what’s that? It is generally a query or a question people type in to find the answers to their questions. For instance, ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘who’, and so on. It addresses the audience’s intent to find a specific answer to their questions.

What Are The Types Of Search Intent?


People with informational search intent want to find a detailed and informative solution to their questions. For example, people looking for a particular course, information about human resources, etc. The intent is to find a detailed answer, not a brief one. It enables one to have a better understanding.


A transactional intent is generally made by people looking to do a financial transaction. For instance, they intend to buy something or invest in a company. They don’t want to see an informative article about their query.

For example, a man typing on the internet, “Biryani online order”. In this scenario, the person wants to spend money on food. Hence, this intent is transactional.

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Are you planning to buy something in the future? You might have searched “The best shopping malls in XYZ city”. In this case, you are interested in buying something in the coming future. However, you’re unsure about the exact date. This is what is called commercial intent.

 The Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi understands this concept clearly to create good content. In this case, the person wants to inquire about the price of something to buy later.


People with an exploring intent want to navigate or explore a certain website. For example, somebody types “YouTube” on the internet. The search results will show various suggestions for the landing page.

You need to create content according to the navigational query so that people learn about your website. This, in turn, will increase traffic to your website. The motto is to raise traffic, generate leads, and make the webpage more popular.


A keyword intent generally represents the person’s purpose for the search. It shows what the person would do after finding out the search results related to that particular keyword. In detail, it also tells you what the person doesn’t wish to see or do after finding the results.

For example, ‘discounts’, ‘product/service names, etc., are various keywords used to find solutions to their queries.


Search intent is directly proportional to SEO. You can’t expect to rank higher with a good analysis of it. If you’re a beginner in digital marketing, you can contact TYC Communication, the Best SEO Company in Delhi. It will not only give you a big picture but will also help you attract good quality leads for your online business.