Uttari Betta Sunrise Trek


Coming among one of the Karnataka state’s supreme day hikes, The Uttari Betta Trek is a 5 kms trek through a remarkable luxurious green scenery which puts forward a quite inimitable charming sights comparable to the western ghats. The Uttari Betta trek starts from a small township, toward the inside of the fort fence and corridors through seven entrances of stone to arrive at the in the middle point of the trek which has a place of worship of Shankareswar at the peak. The sight from the temple top is lovely enough to take hold of your concentration for a little while. Once we cross over the temple, the trek takes up again to the front passing a little forest cavern, goes through an entire original unanticipated ecosphere and bring to an end at the grassland top of the mount which is hemmed in by gigantic rocks.


 About Uttari Betta :

The Uttari betta sunrise trek takes you genuinely into the central point of natural world with the help out of caverns, forests and gigantic stones that will make you feel amazed at the sheer size of the life. It makes sure that the explorers must understand that it is the place blessed with the plentiful natural world and flora on its path. If you wish to be the one with natural world, come to Uttari betta sunrise trek and be a part of incredibly bigger.

Uttari Betta trek is appropriate to a huge audience of just about all the age factions. It is appropriate for novice trekkers to head start with or for a professional who desires to elect to choose a comparatively easy track for a change over. It is also apt for families or any proportions of groups to employ their day in the touch of mother nature.

Itinerary for Uttari Betta Sunrise Trek

The Uttari Betta trek is a one-day trek event. It has an easy difficulty level and covers a distance of about 7 kms from both ways. The terrain of Uttari betta trek is very rocky. And the base of the hill ay Santhepete or Huthridurga is the starting point as well as the ending point of the Uttari betta sunrise trek. Santhepete is around 80 kms away from the city of Bangalore and it takes around 2 – 3 hrs to reach there.

Come from wherever you are and reach the base camp and take some rest for some time.

The Uttari betta sunrise trek starts at around 4:00 AM in the early morning. Next, move walking towards the top and reach the highest point and see the sights of nature and experience the early morning sunrise. Spend some quality time there and come back down and arrive at the base camp. Move forward to the township for a magnificent morning meal. After that you are free to leave and reach home safely.

A trekker must always be alert while going on a trek. Thus a trekker must include some important things in the backpack while going on the trek. Similarly, while planning for Uttari betta sunrise trek a trekker must include a few things such as:

Torch for lighting purpose in order to walk smoothly during the night time.

Trekking shoes or Sports shoes for the comfort of the feet and also to take a strong grip on the rocky terrain of the Uttari betta trek.

Another essential element that a trekker must take in the backpack is the raincoat. As there can be shower any time on this terrain that can create a problem during the trek.

To save one’s self from dehydration and thirst, one must carry the water bottles with them.

You cannot get food or any other stuff to eat on the way to the Uttari betta trek, in order to overcome the hunger, a trekker must some Energy bars, dry fruits, fruits or some other stuff to eat.

And not to be forgotten personal medication should always be carried, if someone is on medications. And also carry a first aid kit in case of emergency or if anyone may suffer from a small / minor injury.

History and Geographical aspect of Uttari betta trek

From different trekkers, you must have heard and learnt to understand the historical and geographical values of this place. While trekking on Uttari betta trek be more observant and you will discover some ancient sculptures. However, it will take an expert to decode the writing or drawings but anyone can recognize that each of these stones has deep-rooted extensive chronicles devoted to them.