Best Ways to Deep Clean your Living Room

A living room is one of the most used areas of a house which is why it gets lots of traffic and gets dirty easily. Because of the very same reason, it should be kept clean at all times, and you must pay extra attention to keep it well-maintained. The dirt easily accumulates under the sofas and tables and becomes hard to clean if it is not cleaned often. This is why it is quite important to deep clean your living room every once in a while. Here are a few best ways to deep clean your living room and make it sparkling clean. Let’s have a look. 

1. Remove the Clutter before Deep Cleaning 

Before you start cleaning your living room, you must first remove everything that doesn’t belong there. Take a basket and start picking up the clutter. You can keep all the clutter in the storeroom and can simply sort it out another day. Deep cleaning makes your life easier and helps you relax in your freshly clean living room.

2. Dust off the Ceiling Fan and Wall hangings

You might think that doing the chores according to a specific order is irrelevant. However, it is recommended to clean from top to bottom whenever you are deep cleaning your living room. This strategy works perfectly as it will ensure that you don’t have to repeat the cleaning process. Cleaning the top surfaces ensures that all of the dirt from the above drops to the floors, which will be cleaned afterward. Remove the window curtains first and after that, use a dry cloth to dust clean the blades of the ceiling fan. Once the dust is removed, then go for wet wiping the blades. After that, repeat the same procedure with the wall hangings and the covers of the wall lights. 

3. Dust the Furniture

Take out your vacuum cleaner and remove the dust from the crevices of the couch. Make sure to clean the inner areas of the couch. Change the cushion covers, and clean the decorative items. Use a damp cloth to clean the wooden furniture and bring back its shine. 

4. Deep Clean the Windows

Window cleaning is a very simple process that changes the look of your living room. First of all, clean the windowsills, rails, and track from top to bottom using a high-quality cleaner. Then use the same cleaner on the window and let it stay there for some time, followed by squeegeeing. Wipe in one direction to clean the inner side and take the opposite approach for the exterior side. This will remove the streaks from the window.

5. Clean the Floors Thoroughly 

Cleaning the floors should be done in the last because in order to do it you will have to move the furniture that also includes the heavy sofas. You can place the sliders at the bottom of the furniture to make the movement easier. After that, use the vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt from the floor. If you have hardwood flooring, use a damp cloth and a good cleaner to clean the surface. You can repeat the same process for tile flooring. If there is carpet flooring, vacuuming is the best option. However, if stains are present, use homemade cleaners or carpet cleaning detergents for the stain treatment. 

Deep Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA your living room may require some effort and time, but if you follow the steps shared above, the cleaning process will become a lot easier for you. So, follow these ways and make your living room clean and sparkling.