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Interior designing is a form of creativity of mind which is put into action. As creativity is involved in this action it is often thought it is solely based on art, but what the majority lacks in knowledge is that it has degree of science involved in it. In order to attain a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable interior there should be a balance of both art and science. The goal is not only to make it visually appealing but also serves the practical needs of the users. Our company is one of the best Interior design companies in Dubai and we consider certain elements and these elements are always considered for the creation of any interiors.


Space is something that is available to you and should be taken advantage of in the right manner in the most idealistic and creative way to showcase our work. At Ray Fit Out we know what is best for your space to provide you according to your needs along with best luxury furniture in Dubai, flooring, fit out services and much more. These spaces can be used up and even left empty according to your requirements. Positive space, which is a space containing physical objects like your furniture or designs and negative space is a space which is left empty. A balance of these two is necessary so that the spaces do not get over equipped for modern interior design.


Lines influence the shape, size, style and defines the structure of you room. Placing the lines in proportion to the structure and furnishings of the room can indicate a sense of unity and good contrast for a better contemporary interior design. Horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines of a room draw its attention to certain aspects of the room like its focal point. Lines give stability to a particular set of designs. Horizontal lines give visualization of a room in much longer and wider way. Use of vertical lines makes the room appear taller and Dynamic lines refers to diagonal, zigzag, or curved lines for example the type of design which can be seen in stairs. 


Form generally means shape as well as any objects or decorates that is used to design a space. It refers to the overall shape of the room and the décor. From comes of two types, geometric and natural. Even the furniture, flooring and lighting used in a room can be among the two types. Geometric forms are often man-made looking objects like sharp edges and hard lines, which can be seen in pieces like angular sofas or boxy coffee tables. Natural forms seem to be more irregular in shape, often inspired by elements created by nature such as organic-shaped furniture, flowing drapery, or abstract art inspired by landscapes. Adding objects proportional to the interior of the room will bring balance and harmony rather than overcrowding the space which will give out a confusing result and cluttered aesthetic. At Ray Fit Out we understand and play with different forms of interior design which is essential to create a visually pleasing and cohesive space.


Lighting is a pivotal factor which influences our perspective on certain things we observe. For instance, a dress worn at home after shopping might not exhibit the same appeal as it did in the trial room, this because the lighting in a trial room hits differently compared to the illumination at home. Best use of lights is crucial for crafting the interior of any space. Creating a balance between natural and artificial lighting will portray your designs elegantly. Lights sets the mood and atmosphere of a setting so it is important to consider the activities that will be undertaken in that place. Natural lighting can be brought into the space through strategic placement of doors, windows, and mirrors. Harnessing the potential of lighting is an art that can elevate the entire design composition.


Colors influences our mood and has great effects or impacts in our minds. It also indicates how large or small the room is depending upon the complexion of colors used in the space. Darker colors tend to display the room in a smaller manner while lighter colors exhibit wider room. From the walls and furniture to the floors and decor elements, the selection of colors should be thoughtfully tailored to harmonize with both natural and artificial lighting conditions, which hold the potential to transform their appearance throughout the day and night. A prime example of this keen awareness of color dynamics can be found in Ray Fit Out, we are one of the top Interior Design Companies in UAE. Our expertise allows us to choose the color that would be suitable for your interiors, fit-outs and landscapes of your elegant house or Modern Villas.


Texture encompasses the tactile finishing of objects and it brings certain level of dimensions to the interior’s design based on the type and quality of textures used. The furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, and flooring materials have the unique ability to infuse detailing into the interiors contributing it to be visually pleasing. Physical texture gives out the feels you get when it is touched, and visual texture is the sense acquire upon view an object. The texture used in the room should match with the light, colors, and overall design of the room. Ray Fit Out understands the dynamic interplay of textures and is an essential hallmark of accomplished interior design.


Patterns are repetitive designs added to increase the detailing and visually interesting. Patterns can be found in wallpapers, furnishings, rugs, and fabrics. They come in diverse array of styles indicating different themes and moods. Well balanced and thoughtful use of the design elements can result in a good structure of design that can be visually pleasing and aesthetic. Different patterns such as geometric shapes, floral patterns, abstract patterns, or any other style that we can think of can be considered for this to add a visual texture which leads to a delightful contrast, enhancing the overall ambience of the space.


Why choose Ray Fit Out & Interiors?

Ray Fit Out and Interiors is one among the leading Interior Fit out and Design Company in Dubai with over 33 years of experience. They excel in all aspects of interior designing. They are quite impressive in the work they do. It is a company which is established not only in UAE but also other parts of the world like KSA, Africa, USA, Netherlands, and Russia. Their works are done using the finest materials and employ best craftsmen. They have a well-developed team with highly skilled employees. The company has done more than 1000 successful projects in various industries, these include villa exterior renovation, luxury joinery manufacturing, landscaping, office interior design and retail fit out and much more.

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