What are the Side Effects of Dermal Fillers?

Aging is what you would never want to go through. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable.

You may not get it over, but delaying it is in your hand.  

It’s all because of the protein called collagen and elatin that make you look firmer, younger and radiant. These are essentials for a plumper skin structure.  

The aesthetic doctor at the Laser & Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta has discovered that the age 25 onwards is the time when collagen starts depleting. At this time, you need to top it up for regaining volume of your skin. 

Here come Dermal Fillers!

Dermal Fillers

 These are made up from synthetic, semi-synthetic, and natural substances. Doctors and skin specialists inject it deep below the surface to restore its plumpness & smooth fine lines on cheeks, chin or forehead.

However, hundreds of over-the-counter products are available, claiming to make a difference to your wrinkles, fine lines and photo-damages. What effectively makes it up is dermal filler. It is a popular treatment to turn your face softer and smoother. Together with a ton of benefits, there are some side effects that you must think before going ahead with this anti-aging non-invasive cosmetic treatment.    

Why to know about their side effects?

It’s simply because of the safe measures and precautions that can help you to get off possible side effects due to these fillers. It pains like pinching of a needle, which is extremely mild. Skin specialists make it way more comfortable with numbing agents before starting with the procedure.   

As you consult with, the professionally trained and certified doctors do share the list of possible side effects so that you may make up your mind for experiencing them.

You, as a patient, should also consider about warning signs related to it. 

What are its side effects?

Here we have all what effect you may see during this skin treatment.

As been done, these fillers start causing localized swelling. Slight redness and bruising may also be seen in some cases, which is absolutely ok as they no longer appear after few hours. Pay no attention to it because these after-effects will subside quickly. Actually, the components inside like Hyaluronic Acid or any other one gets absorbed by the body. You won’t see anything unusual sign on your face or skin.

There are some cases of allergic reactions, which happen in some rare cases of extraordinary sensitive skin or other condition. These reactions may range from extreme redness, pain and persisting swelling at the treated area. 

An experienced doctor or nurse may also be responsible for these adverse effects. This cosmetic treatment needs expert and experienced doctors because improper treatment with anaphylaxis medications can cause a fatal reaction. Your face may be disfigured or cheeks may lose their charm.

Adverse side effects  

  • Sensory loss
  • Persisting pain
  • Cysts in the muscles of the face

Way to Avoid Side Effects

There is always a way to reverse its side effects. However, you cannot entirely avoid them. But, their likeliness can be reduced.

Here is how it can happen.

  • Do a patch test. This is what the experienced skin specialist does. He also foretells all-about this procedure step by step.  Disclosing what difference you may see and how long it would be there is a part of pre-procedure consultation. It helps you to adapt in your mind what is likely to go on.
  • Cleanse your skin properly before it, as the dirt may lead to infection post treatment.
  • Keep applying ice-packs if you have an extraordinary sensitive skin and swelling is there. However, it would be completely over within two days. 

Side Effects that Are Likely to Happen Later

As aforesaid, some side effects of dermal fillers can be witness later due to many reasons factors. Different compounds and concentrations of these fillers, inadequate injection technique and overdose may be a few of the prominent causes.

Let’s get through what side effects are alarming that you may see later.

  • 1-2 weeks after treatment, decrease blood pressure or vasodilation 
  • Discomfort or pain at the injection point 
  • Flushing around where it has been injected 
  • Over sensitivity, as feeling sore to touch 
  • Bruising at the injection area 3-7 days following treatment that may be lasting 2 weeks or more
  • Swelling from pre-procedural medicines, which you may be taking for other health concerns.
  • Extreme redness if persists for more than half a week is also alarming.

To come out from these side effects, you need an experienced doctor who knows very well about how to deal with swelling, excessive bleeding and other usual symptoms of allergic reactions.