Which Lipstick Colors Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter and beautiful

A consistent bright smile is not easy, though you can achieve it by applying lipsticks. Lipstick creates wonder. If you have some specific lipstick colors in your makeup pouch, you can instantly get a teeth whitening effect.

Lip colors that make your teeth look whiter

Lipstick shade: Blue-based red

This is the age of red lipstick. A bright red color goes with dark as well as even complexion. Red lipstick is energetic and cheering. 

Different types of red colors and tones are available, including neon red, orange-based red, blue-based red color. There is a difference between red lipstick to make teeth look whiter and other lipsticks that shows your teeth not-so-white hue. A blue-based red color is always good to go. But orange-based red shade gives a yellow reflection of your teeth.

Therefore, you need to choose blue-based red lipstick instead of orange-based red shades.

Lipstick shade: Pinky nude

Pinky rude color is attractive, well suited with Smokey eyes evening makeup or cool-toned summer makeup. To enhance the brightness of your teeth, choose a peachy or brown shade of nude. As their warm undertone of colors may cause your teeth to appear brighter. Nude pink is the most popular shade girls prefer to wear everyday basis. It can be worn in an office, college, or any working place. Pinky nude color is a shuttle color that goes with every complexion

Lipstick shade: Berry red

If you are a fan of dark and bold lipstick, berry red can be an attractive option for you—dark colors suits in the winter to pull out those vampy hues. Carefully choose the color suitable for your complexion. The purple-red berry color will balance out any staining on your teeth and make them brighter.

Lipstick shade: Cool-toned pink

For the daytime makeup look that you want something more colorful than a pinky nude, or night out where you are not wearing extremely bold lip color, try cool-toned pink lipstick.

It would be best if you chose fabulous tone lipstick instead of warm-toned lipstick because warm tone lipstick enhances the yellow tone of your teeth. On the other hand, cool-toned lipstick offers instant whiteness to your teeth. 

Lipstick shade: Blue or Purple

Come out from your comfort zone with a trendy purple or blue color. When a lipstick helps your teeth appear brighter and whiter, it does not get much better than a purplish-blue lipstick. We would suggest wearing deep blue color instead of lighter color to brighten up your teeth.

A dark purple shade is highly flattering for a darker complexion and instantly puts a calm outlook and brightens the teeth.

Lipstick shade: Pleasantly plum

Another member of the darker pink family is plum, and lipstick in this shade is an instant teeth whitener. Berries usually are a combination of pink and purple tints, so the blue tones are powerful.

Plum color goes with even complexion; it is the member of the pink family. Plum color is an instant teeth whitener. Plum color is the combination of purple and pink tints. So, we would say that here the blue shade is solid. You can wear plum color lipstick at a dinner party or on any night out. Match your lipstick shade with your dress. Otherwise, it will create a mess.

Lipstick shade: Bright pink

The bright pink color is a combination of fuchsia pink and red. 

Bright pink color commonly comes up with high-shine formula. These colors also instantly brighten up your teeth. It is a bright and bold color, flattering for olive skin tones. 

The bright pink color appears with natural warmth and provides complimentary contrast/

Lipstick shade: turquoise flash

Turquoise flash is a great color. It is also a blue base color that makes your teeth shiny and whiter. Turquoise is available mainly in nude shades. The combination of turquoise and nude will suit all skin complexions. Turquoise flash commonly comes as moisturized lipstick form.

Additional tips to a stunning smile

Consider your finish beyond the lipstick color; you need to consider the finish of the lipstick, as finish can play in how your teeth appear. Avoid lipstick with lots of shimmers, especially with silver reflections. A shimmery lipstick makes your teeth yellowish. On the other hand, you can use a slight lip-gloss top of your favoritelipcolor for bright smile.

  1. Perfect your pout

Make your pout perfect by pampering your lips. If you have a smooth, flake-free pout, it enhances the aftereffect of applying lipstick. It also improvises your smile and overall appearance. To keep your lips soft and supple, exfoliate your lips with lips scrub, moisturized them with good lip balm, then apply your favorite lipstick.

  1. Colors to treat with caution

You should avoid frosted shimmer colors because excess shimmer can settle into your fine lines. Also, too icy colors make your lips whiter and your teeth look duller.

Bright neon colors make its background darker. So, when you wear neon red clothes, your skin appears more tanned. Neon lipsticks also work in the same way, and your teeth look yellowish.

Lipstick is an instant solution to make your teeth whiter. But if you observe a white stain on your teeth, you should go for a teeth whitening session. Take a consultation dentist nearby.