Reasons Why Cats Claw is Known as Wonderful Medical Herb?

Cats claw is an amazing medicinal plant being used for ages to strengthen the immune system. This amazing herb has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects.

This medical herb effectively decreases inflammation, improves immunological functions, and aids in chemotherapy. The anti-aging phytonutrients present in a cats claw impart health benefits to the body.

There are numerous uses of a cats claw. It can alleviate a number of medical problems, treat certain diseases and promote health.  

Cats claw has been used as medicine by Amazon tribes for hundreds of years, using phytochemicals extracted from the roots and bark of the cats claw vine.

The popular method for extracting it was simply through boiling. As a result of the amazing health benefits of this herb on the body, scientists came to the Amazon Forest to examine a cats claw.

This herb became famous throughout the world. Vitamin supplements containing cats claws are now widely available in the form of powder, capsules, teas, and liquid extracts.

Amazing Properties of Cats Claw

Here are some of the amazing properties of a cats claw

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

Cats claw can stimulate white blood cells to treat the infection. It can lower stiffness by 50% and treat gastrointestinal illnesses that cause inflammation.

2. Helpful in Treating Cancer Cell

The plant contains anti-tumor properties due to the presence of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and reduce the process of oxidation. These antioxidants also aid in the elimination of poisons produced by chemo and radiation therapy.

3. Strengthening of Your Immune System

Cats claw treats ailments and helps prevent them from occurring in the first place. In addition to eliminating bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing germs, antioxidants remove free radicals from the body.

4. Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful, swollen, inflammatory joint disease. Its symptoms are swelling and stiffness in joints. A cats claw may be a natural approach to support your joints if you have arthritis-like symptoms.

Moreover, a cats claw may help turn off cytokines, which are signaling proteins that promote inflammation in the body.

5. Treats osteoarthritis

According to some research, consuming a cats claw can assist patients with osteoarthritis. It is a form of Arthritis that causes tissue degradation around the joints.

The plant may ease some of the pain caused by osteoarthritis, according to research done on a group of people with the condition.

Even though there is a record of the advantages this natural herbs adds to treat osteoarthritis, still there is currently no conclusive clinical proof.

6. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes painful, swollen joints. It’s linked to higher inflammatory markers in the blood.

According to a study, 40 people with rheumatoid Arthritis took a cats claw along with regular medicine, and they felt relief in pain.

7. Lyme Disease Patients May Benefit from Cats Claw

While further study is needed, some findings show that a cats claw might be part of a complete Lyme disease treatment strategy.

A tick bite causes Lyme disease, which is a bacterial illness. Because Lyme disease isn’t usually widely understood, people with it might suffer for years with terrible symptoms and few explanations.

Salento, a particular extract from a cats claw bark, may aid Lyme disease sufferers by boosting immune system function and reducing inflammation.

8. Could Aid in the Fight Against Cancer Cells

In research, Cats claw was found to improve energy levels, functional status, and overall quality of life in persons with terminal cancer. Cats claw may also aid in the maintenance of immune cells that are typically lost during chemotherapy.

Cats claw possesses immune-stimulating properties that may influence cancer cell proliferation. Additional research is needed before it can be recommended.


Herbs can cause adverse reactions when interacting with other herbs, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals. As a result, you should use herbs with caution and under the guidance of a health care professional.

Although a cats claw appears to have minimal adverse effects, there isn’t enough scientific research on it to confirm its safety.

Some people experience dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea when ingesting a cats claw. Diarrhea or loose stools are usually moderate and go away after a few days of using the herb.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take cats claw since it might induce miscarriage.
  • Because of the probable effects on the immune system, those with autoimmune illnesses, skin grafts, TB, or those getting organ transplants should not use a cats claw unless expressly instructed by their physician.
  • Those should not take cats claw with leukemia
  • People who have renal issues or liver illness should not use cats claw without first seeing their doctor.

Interactions that Might Occur

You should not use a cat’s claw if you are presently taking any of the following drugs without first seeing your doctor.

Because a cats claw stimulates the immune system, do not use is along with immune-suppressing medications because it can dangerous for you. Cyclosporine and other drugs recommended after an organ transplant or to treat an autoimmune condition are examples.

Blood-thinning Medications: Cats claw can make you bleed more easily, especially if you’re also using aspirin, warfarin, or clopidogrel (Plavix).

Diuretics: Cats claw may help the body shed excess fluid by acting as a diuretic.

Final Thought

Cats claw herbal supplement is a wonderful herb. It has amazing properties. The anti-rheumatic and febrifuge effects of a cats claw are mostly found in the bark of its roots.

An herbal infusion created with a cats claw can aid patients with oncological disorders who are undergoing chemotherapy by reducing the symptoms caused by the treatment.

Furthermore, its consumption aids in the reduction of chemical acid growth, lowering the risk of cancer development.

According to some studies, a cats claw can be utilized to treat Alzheimer’s patients due to the alkaloids found in its root makeup.

It also helps people with gastrointestinal problems by totally clearing the intestines. However, before using it consult your doctor. Lastly, this herb is ideal for treating dermatitis and menstrual cycle regulations.