Why Choose Our Instacart Clone App For Your Grocery Business?

Instacart Clone is the best mobile app for local grocery vendors if they are willing to expand their business enormously. This robust application is equipped with multiple features to help the vendor manage the deliveries efficiently and provide immense convenience to the customers. In this blog, we will discuss the many groundbreaking features of the application and who is eligible to launch an online grocery delivery business!

Let’s begin. 

Grocery Delivery App

Cutting-edge Features of On-demand Grocery Delivery App

This app includes exclusive features for everyone, the customer, admin, and delivery agent. So, let’s take a look at each of these features carefully! 

Customer app 

Mentioned below are the customer app features: 

1. Advanced search 

The advanced search feature lets the customer find exactly what they need by simply searching a relevant keyword on the app. For example, typing keywords like apple, cherry tomato, pasta, etc. will give you relevant search results in seconds. 

2. Schedule the delivery 

This feature allows scheduling the grocery delivery according to the customer’s convenience. With the help of this feature, the customers can easily choose a preferred date and time when they want to receive the groceries. For instance, on the Instacart Clone app itself, the customers can choose the slot, order the groceries they want, and even pay online to receive a contactless doorstep delivery.  

Admin panel 

Mentioned here are some of the features of the admin panel: 

1. Multi-store management

Here, the admin can get a detailed insight into the sales, the revenue, and even the stock details. They can control the store planning, inventory, and even deliveries right through this advanced dashboard. 

2. Detailed earning report 

The admin can easily download the reports of their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings reports. This feature helps them to keep track of all the earnings from the commission, deliveries, etc. 

Delivery agent app 

These are the features that make the delivery agent a star: 

1. Real-time chat with the customer

The on-demand grocery delivery app lets the delivery agent and the customers chat with each other. Such a feature enables the customers to offer guidance to the driver. Also, there is the calling feature that makes it much easy for them to communicate. 

The good news is, with the introduction of a new calling option, the customers and the delivery agent can now initiate video calls. 

2. Order history 

Another precious feature of this application is order history. The delivery agent can view their past, ongoing, and even upcoming orders. The feature lets them keep track of everything including the details about the earnings from the particular order! 

Who Can Launch This Amazing Instacart Clone App? 

Anyone who owns an existing grocery shop, a chain of grocery shops, or someone who wants to bring local vendors and customers together through the app. 

1. Single grocery store 

Single store owners can launch a customized on-demand grocery app for their store. The clone app script will come along with a dispatcher plus a robust admin panel. 

2. Multi-store grocery business 

If you own more than one grocery business in the same city, you can simply automate it and reach more customers. Launching the on-demand grocery delivery app will let you streamline the business operations, engage more customers, and even create more business with orders from the website. 

3. Aggregator app 

Entrepreneurs can build a platform that is like Instacart and bring together all the local grocery vendors and the customers for the trade. The customers can now easily order groceries on-demand plus the vendors can 2X their sales from selling in-store and through online orders. 


Launching the Instacart Clone app is the best way to reach more customers as, after the pandemic, people have shifted to online shopping. Now, the customers can order daily groceries online, opt for doorstep delivery, and even pay securely on the app itself. 

This is how easy it is to get everything one needs to be delivered to their home! So, why waste the business opportunity? Get the clone app script today and launch the masterpiece!