Why we should learn Digital Marketing?

Learn Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

The word Digital itself says the person will use the internet to do his work by desktop, computer, Mobile, etc. This is a marketing technique that is done online to provide services to the customers, most businessmen and individuals use this technology for the promotion of products and brands of different companies, it is important because it connects a seller to buyer i.e. business with the customers, this is also known as online marketing.

Here are some skills that should be known to every digital marketer  

  • Content writing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Video creator  
  • Highlight your skills 
  • Understanding design thinking and planning 
  • Data/ Analytics 
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Blogging
  • Branding

Why do people choose digital marketing? 

Mainly it has a good career opportunity for students and anyone can do this easily if he or she has some basic knowledge of computer, online marketing has become more popular nowadays most of the  

customer follow the accounts on social media and purchase products from it which is easier than offline shopping, the most important thing is a digital marketer always should have different ideas and he should be more innovative, it is very important in today’s generation it helps you to focus on the targeted audience, advantage of digital marketing is people can earn money from home itself by electronic devices, it is on of the trendy profession which is more helpful for students as well. Digital marketing is one of the fields which is rapidly increasing and changing and here the experience is not necessary for the job.

Why do we need Digital Marketing? 

  • It is affordable to everyone: It does not cost high as compared to other marketing methods 
  • Access Smartphones: Nowadays everyone uses smartphones or any other electronic devices as compared to previous years, this helps digital marketers to reach their customers through emails, social networking, text marketing, etc., in mobile phones, there are several apps for different purposes most of the apps are meant for shopping and picture editing apps 
  • More flexible: There are many ways to use digital marketing in high quality such as banners ads, posts on social media, etc. by this people will be aware of your ads and this has a huge possibility of getting popular 
  • Enlargement: 70% of customers do online shopping; Digital marketing helps to reach your company to the customers. people are aware of different brands and companies, a seller can expand his brand and he should improve his sales by brand recognition which helps to get more profit 
  • Different kinds of media: Most people use social media and they see the content in the form of posts, audio clips, video clips, etc., by people get to know about the information which is provided by the digital marketer 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital marketing 

The main advantage of Digital marketing is we can reach a target audience and it increases brand loyalty 


We can reach throughout the world – By a website it allows us to find new markets 

Less cost – As compared to traditional marketing it costs less and we can reach the customer in less time through social media and electronic devices such as email etc.

Personalization: If customers reach your website you can provide them offers so that they can buy products from you, the more they buy the products, the more you can popularise your profile, by that even other customers visit your profile to purchase things you offer  

Digital marketing develops your Brands by social media or any other electronic devices by ads and posts etc. and helps you to get more profit

 and leads in the market 

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing 

Security and privacy issues regarding your account, someone may hack your account 

Complaints and feedback through customers: If your brand the product is not good then customers will raise complaints and they return the product.

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