The Ultimate Winter Design and Décor Guide from a Leading Interior Designer Company in Kolkata

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Winter is the favorite month for every professional working at every leading interior designer company in Kolkata. Why? Because the cold weather compels most of us to stay indoors, and the more we stay indoors, the more we care about our interior décor. Plus, winter is the ideal time to create an inviting interior space to bring your family together.

In other words, winter offers homeowners the perfect chance to get creative with their interior spaces. So, what should homeowners do to make their interior spaces winter-ready this year? To answer this question, we’ve looked at what the pros at every major interior designer company in Kolkata are doing. 

In this article, we will share their top winter design and décor ideas for this year. Before that, let’s discuss the best time to start interior decorating for winter.

When Should You Start to Decorate and Design Your Interior Spaces for Winter? 

Although there is no fixed time to start decorating your home for winter, the pros at every leading interior designer company in Kolkata have some clear guidelines on when to embrace winter décor and design: 

Wait for Things to Cool Down:

Start chalking out your interior design plans as soon as the weather cools down. In India, this typically happens in late November. So, the post-Diwali period is the perfect time to start adding winter decor ideas to your home. But why should you wait for so long? Well, you want your interior spaces to feel cozy and inviting for the next 2-3 months. Getting an actual whiff of what cold weather feels like will motivate you to make your home extra cozy this winter!

Start the Design Process at the Same Time as Your Neighbors:

If you’re conscious of putting up winter décor too early, check to see what your neighbors are doing. Have they started to decorate their homes yet? If other residents in your neighborhood have started decorating, do the same.

Design and Decorate in Stages:

Many homeowners have no concrete idea of how to start decorating their interior spaces for winter. That’s not a problem. If you’re unsure of what design changes your home needs, start with small and simple changes. Start by removing all summer-friendly décor items such as sheer curtains, small couch cushions, etc. Replace them with winter-friendly items like thicker furnishings, curtains with heavier textures, etc. Become bolder with your ideas as the season progresses. But don’t refrain from starting small!

Do you clearly know what your interior design schedule should look like this winter? Now, let’s move on to the design ideas you should focus on the most.

What Every Leading Interior Designer Company in Kolkata is Doing This Winter 

Putting up a Christmas tree, hanging snowflakes and ornaments, or decorating the floor with faux fur carpets are common winter décor practices that countless homeowners engage in every year. You too can engage in them if you like. But these are not the things every leading interior designer company in Kolkata is doing this winter.

Instead, the focus is on making homes look and feel extra cozy this winter. Why? Well, in the post-pandemic world, leading interior designers are emphasizing the importance of creating inviting interior spaces that promote mental wellness. Here are the steps these top pros are taking to create warm, cozy, and inviting interior spaces this winter:

Layer on Layer on Layer

Layering in interior design is the art of cohesively blending multiple design elements to create a rich and unique interior design scheme. This means mixing and matching different colors, textures, and design styles for every room inside your home. Here are some straightforward examples: 

  • Layer winter linens (tablecloths, placemats, and napkins) of different colors and textures to create cozy and inviting sitting and dining spaces.
  • Add faux fur and woollen pillows to your sofas; throw in some plaid or striped blankets as well. 
  • Consider installing woolen or cotton curtains in warm colors/textures to add visual depth and interest to your rooms.
  • Add rugs with different textures/colors to your living spaces to make them appear extra-cozy.
  • Layer extra blankets with different textures on beds to make them feel warmer.

By incorporating these layering techniques into your winter décor plans, you can utilize the full potential of your interior spaces.

Carve-Out Cozy Corners

Reading, knitting, and playing board games are the types of activities that can get anyone hyped for winter. This winter, spend some time creating interior spaces dedicated to these cozy activities. Carve out a few cozy corners in your room. Here’s how the professionals at every leading interior designer company in Kolkata do it:

  • Set up a warm beverage station in your living room with a coffee/tea maker. Place a couple of chairs next to this station and enjoy your morning tea/coffee in style!
  • Find a hospitable spot near a window and set up a few chairs. Use this cozy space to get sunlight every morning.
  • Add warm rugs to your living room to create a cozy space where you can sit and read or play board games with your family.
  • Add blankets to your chairs and sofas to make them extra warm and cozy.
  • If you have a fireplace, arrange seating around it to create a warm, party atmosphere.

Feel free to add personal touches to your cozy corners, like photos, plants, or scented candles. 

Create Intimacy with Strategic Lighting

Never underestimate the transformative power of lighting, especially in the winter. Getting your lighting arrangements right is the key to fashioning a cozy ambiance in your interior spaces. Here’s what the pros at every major interior designer company in Kolkata is doing in terms of lighting this year:

  • Replacing ultra-bright overhead lights with warm-toned lamps.
  • Setting up scented candles.
  • Installing warm table lamps. 

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