You Can Be Killed By Your Tattoo Aftercare

Let’s take a moment to talk about ink…

Tattoos can be expensive and very permanent. This is unless you are willing to spend $150 for 5-10 sessions of laser tattoo removal. Many people come to me to do this.

You want your tattoo to last for many years. The healing process can make or break a tattoo, something that most people (tattooists included) don’t realize.

However, this doesn’t mean that a great artist cannot make a living by suggesting old-fashioned aftercare products. Many people have been doing it for decades and still do it well. It doesn’t mean that a novice or sketchy artist cannot provide excellent aftercare if you overwork your skin and expect a perfect-healed tattoo.

90% of tattoos have a phase called “hard healing”. This is when scabbing occurs, pimples, rashes, and itchy white bumps occur, as well as heavy peeling. This is why it happens. Scabbing can be caused by your skin being too dry, your immune system being weak, or any other reason.

It’s most often the aftercare products that are used for healing, which include lanolin, petroleum and mineral oil, salt, food-grade coloring, alcohol, and many other dangerous or even deadly side effects. When it comes to tattoos, none of these ingredients are healing. 

Let me tell you what can lead to the above scenarios.

Lanolin is made from sheep’s wool. It can be an allergen and contains pesticides. This can cause skin irritations such as oozing, rashes, or skin infections. Lanolin can be taken internally and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal problems. You can use Cephalexin order online ezzz pharmacy.

Petroleum/mineral oil is a well-known carcinogen. It is also used as a laxative and is a byproduct of gasoline. These ingredients deplete vitamins in the body, increasing the risk of developing scrotal and skin cancers, as well as bladder, gastrointestinal, bladder, and respiratory tract cancers.

Food grade coloring can be made from any animal, plant, INSECTS, or synthetic source that is used to color products. Due to their carcinogenic qualities, some colorings are made from coal tar. They are constantly tested on animals.

Sea salt and alcohol – although they are cleansing, these ingredients can dry tattoos, which can cause them to become damaged. These ingredients can also heat up and burn the skin. Have you ever heard the expression “pour salt into an open wound?”

These are only a few ingredients that are used in the tattoo process.

Tattoos are open wounds that should be treated as such

What if you could go to your mechanic and get your aftercare products for your tattoo? Some of these ingredients are equivalent to putting motor oil on your tattoo. Bottom line: inferior products will result in inferior tattoos.

Why would you place a product on your largest organ if it causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cancer? Harmful healing can cause scarring, and you may worry about the consequences for your health. Poor healing can lead to wasted time and a huge deal of frustration for all involved.

It takes a lot of effort to find a good shop and a skilled artist. Even more, time to have them design permanent art for your body. You would be remiss if you used inferior aftercare products during the most critical phase of healing.

You wouldn’t use a “healing” salve that contains ANY coloring, food-grade or not when it’s best to avoid using any scents or colors in lotions after 3 days.

There’s some good news…

You can put more effort into choosing your tattoo and spend less time worrying about its healing. The one thing that can make a big difference in how your ink stays where you want it to be is your skin.

A tattoo made by an artist who has never done a tattoo would be untrustworthy. You wouldn’t trust an aftercare product that was made by white-clad men without any tattoo knowledge or ink. The old-school “aftercare” products weren’t designed to heal tattoos. It’s as simple as that. These old-school products can cause problems such as the ones listed above. Amoxicillin order online ezzz pharmacy is used for your skin treatment.

It’s simple. The following qualities are important to look at when you’re researching a company for tattoo aftercare:

The owner believes in the art and art of aftercare. You can feel this when you look at their website or read the content. The company is more interested in marketing than healing your tattoos by using tattoo models instead of research and content.

Aftercare is provided by someone who understands the healing properties of the ingredients in their products! Why do they choose the ingredients they use? Do you find it difficult to identify what is in aftercare products?

You deserve a company that is concerned about you and will answer your questions regarding how to properly heal your ink. Are there testimonials or a FAQ page?

Aftercare is created by someone with a good understanding of human anatomy and biology, particularly when it comes to skin healing, skin conditions, and immune problems.

Someone who is trained to remove tattoos will provide aftercare. This is why it matters. To properly REMOVE a tattoo you must know how it was placed on the skin.

Aftercare products made with only a few ingredients are more likely to cause allergic reactions. Do not purchase products that you cannot pronounce or contain more than three syllables. Ceresin? Bisabolol? What is Microcrystalline Wax? Paraffin? Cod Liver Oil (this is why they use “fragrance!”). Polymyxin B Sulfate Are you familiar with these ingredients?

Organic ingredients are used in aftercare to reduce allergies and promote healing. However, it should not cause any diseases.

Affordable aftercare that is naturally Hypoallergenic.

The product that speeds up the healing process of your work.

Multi-purpose product that can be used for healing all phases.

It will heal faster and better if you insist on a product with the above qualities. You don’t have to be cheap because the product that your artist recommends costs $1-2 more than the equivalent at the local pharmacy. Clogged pores can cause permanent damage to tattoos, and it will also cost you more in time and money. Your health problem, you can use Doxycycline order online ezzz pharmacy.

If you take care of your tattoo, it will last for the rest of your life. Permanent ink is expensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the healing process.

My studies as an Elder Green fire Wise Woman led me to skincare. While I was simultaneously pursuing my Masters in Cancer Studies, I also learned how dangerous some of the ingredients in many “healing” products on the market. Over 20 years of research has taken me to the forefront of alternative and natural healing methods, and I have seen trends change. After 20+ years of research, I have remained faithful to tried-and-true scientific solutions. My mission or calling is to help people understand the complexities of being healthy. This is what I did after experiencing loss and confusion. I want others to be able do what I did: get the diagnosis from Western medicine and live a holistic, natural, sensual, empowered life. With the help of my husband, who is a tattoo artist since 2005, I started creating organic aftercare for tattoos in 2007. Real Heal Aftercare was born out of my personal reactions to standard aftercare products on the market, and my research on skin and carcinogens. My website,, contains tips and information about organic living, plant-based nutrition, as well as tip sheets and product information.