15 Chat Tools for Small Businesses

The purpose of these communication tools should be to make things easier and not make things more complex. So, for example, your staff and you can use chat platforms for real-time collaboration with file-sharing capabilities as well as audio and video calls, project management, and more.

We have done extensive analysis to help you choose the best chat platform. These are 14 simple-to-use chat software that is affordable for small businesses. All come with no-cost plans designed for small-sized companies.

What are chat applications?

No longer are we reliant on email to communicate. Instead, chat apps are dynamic devices that allow employees to engage with one another to share valuable ideas and solve company-related issues and plan better for your company’s future. Many chat apps offer features such as task management, Chat, and video calls, along with other productivity and communication tools.

Chat apps are beneficial for what reason?

Let dive into deep.

1. Slack

Slack is a robust and complete chat application for small companies. Alongside one-on-one Chat and group chat, Slack comes with individual and team audio calls and video conferences. Collaboration is easier with Slack than with other chat platforms. Users can manage multiple projects, groups, and other objects with hashtags. They can also upload files by dropping them in the medium or via Google Drive, Dropbox, and other file-sharing services. Chats and files are archived, synced, and searchable for later reference. Edit on the screens of other users is possible.

2. Chatwork

Chatwork allows you to utilize social networking tools for business. Chatwork is a networking tool that lets you connect with teams and clients across the globe. It also has task management software, video chat capabilities, and the ability to manage contacts.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams software-as-a-service that connects directly to the productivity giant’s Office 365 subscription. It’s a chat-based workspace that is designed to facilitate real-time collaboration. It supports chat notes, meetings, and chats in addition to Office, Planner, and Power BI. There are also apps and extensions. It works similarly to Slack and has the appearance of Slack. There are threaded, persistent chats that you can open and close. It also allows you to invite other users to join Teams. If your business is focused on Microsoft, Teams might be the right choice for you.

4. UBS (Ultimate Business System)

The chat software includes all the features like file sharing (Docs, .zip, image, etc), conversations with emojis, and an indication if the other user has read the message or not. Ultimate Business System (UBS) offers user-friendly chatting software to maintain smooth communication within the organization.

5. CA Flowdock

Flowdock is an inbox and chat platform that allows teams to work together and make communications accessible from one location. It offers one-on-one private Chat with team members on their own and group chats and threaded discussions.

Available at anytime, anywhere through the internet, Windows, or macOS apps, as available on iOS and Android, It’s accessible 24/7. Push notifications can be accessed on all devices and platforms so that everyone never misses important messages, emails, or chat requests. Other options include @mentions that draw attention to a particular user and hashtags and chat history that can be searched for transcripts.

6. Google Hangouts

Hangouts started as a simple chat application. Google recently reimagined it as an enterprise-grade powerhouse with the full integration of the G Suite productivity suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides Meet, Calendar, etc.). Hangouts offer one-on-one chats and threaded messages. It is possible to assign permissions to documents depending on the team who designed them. YIn addition, you can use Google Meet to host video chats. Up to 30 people can participate. If your company is plugged within the G Suite ecosystem, this could be the right option for you.

7. Facebook Workplace

Through Facebook’s unique social network created for businesses, thirty thousand organizations are currently talking in over 1 million Facebook groups. The company provides a desktop app called Chat. It offers screen sharing, group chat for up to 50 users, and live video broadcasting. It also works on iOS as well as Android.

8. Amazon Chime

The features available in Amazon Chime Basic include one-to-one voice calling, video calling, screen sharing, and access to the chat feature that provides 30 days of history messages. In addition, a chime will automatically call all participants when the meeting starts, removing the need to remember complicated log-in PINs. Chime also displays an overview of all participants on the call. It also lets you see who is talking and turn off someone surrounded by loud background noise.

9. Twist

The twist is a chat tool from To-do list is a popular to-do app. It differs from other chat programs in that it puts all chats and messages in the threads within the app. In addition, it has different group rooms, but if you want to comment, you have to either start an entirely new thread or add a comment to an existing line.

10. Flock

Flock is a forum-based chat application. However, instead of directly replying in chat rooms, every reply “quotes the previous one.” A flock is a great option for companies looking to keep their employees in the loop but wanting to communicate more effectively.

11. Discord

Discord lets businesses utilize voice chat apps. For example, discord lets workers communicate by using their voice instead of typing in a forum, chat room, or thread. Discord has voice channels that are always available so that you can talk fast with your team. It also has chat windows that are standard for communication basics.

12. Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is Cisco’s full-fledged chat service for small-sized companies. The team chat app features the ability to use images with a high-speed, and the whiteboard application is ideal for collaborating on projects that require creativity.

13. Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq offers similar power and user interface like other chat applications; however, it is much lighter. In addition, Zoho Cliq lets you browse multiple rooms and windows simultaneously instead of having just one Chat. This makes it easier to communicate between teams.

14. Ryver

Ryver integrates essential chat functions with task management. For example, Ryver lets you quickly post messages to help you improve your organization of ideas and projects. Ryver is a combination of Trello and Slack, which according to the company, makes it “two applications in one.”

15. Most important

If you’re running a technology business or a larger one, then you might want to consider Mattermost. This chat tool is fully adaptable to your business’s needs and can even operate on your server.