DIY desk drawer organizers

Are you trying to jazz up your workspace? Whether you’re studying from home, working from home, or simply want a change, it might be time to switch up your workstation by creating a fun new desk space.

Sure, your standard desk is functional, but why not use some creative desk ideas to make your space feel more “your own?”

We’re here to offer some fun suggestions for creative desks. Keep reading for our top creative DIY desk ideas and more. 

1. Floating Desks

Floating desks are the perfect creative desk ideas DIY solutions if you have limited space. You can put them anywhere!

First, choose your space. It’s easiest to put floating desks somewhere between two walls, like an unused closet. Small office closets, or even small closets in bedrooms or studio apartments, are perfect for this.

Organize the rest of your closet so your storage is overhead. This helps you create a multi-functional space so you can conserve room without sacrificing storage or functionality. 

Choose the right desk height for you. If you want a standing desk, measure where a comfortable height would be for typing. If you want a standard desk, sit in your desk chair and determine how much space you’ll need above your legs. 

Follow this helpful guide to continue your project.

2. Modern Glass Desks

So what if you’re looking for something sleek and modern that you can keep out in the open? You don’t love the classic wooden desk look, and you want your desk to fit into your minimalist decor, right?

You have options.

Modern glass desks are perfect for any home. While they do smudge more easily, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and they open you up to more design options.

You can put lights underneath your desk for a festive and fun look, put pictures underneath the glass, and more. Check out glass from Community Glass to start your glass desk project.

3. Desk Organization

So you already love your current desk, but it’s a mess. You’re not used to using it so often, so the clutter is piling up. Why not try some creative desk organizer ideas to clean everything up? 

Start with your surface area. If you don’t have appropriate shelving attached to your desk, we suggest installing hanging shelves to keep everything in reach, but organized.

Hanging shelves are perfect for mixing your important items, like books and office supplies, with decorations. They also free up your desk space. 

You can also make DIY desk drawer organizers that will keep all of your office supplies where they need to be. Never again will you have to search high and low for your stapler.

Try These Creative Desk Ideas

If you’re ready to change up your space, try these creative desk ideas! Keep your workflow smooth and your space feeling trendy and functional by trying something new with your home office! You deserve a workspace that you love.

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