3 important types of shirts streetwear for men’s wear in style

From simple to latest style shirts even streetwear for men has countless options to choose one for making unique style. Chances are this time you have some of them in your wardrobe collection. This post is covering all styles that you can create even just with a shirt as well. Perhaps, it could possible that your closet is equipped with all these three shirts.

And you have more chances to make fashionable style and create a new look every day. If you have all shirts in your wardrobe, you are lucky because there is going to break down what look can adapt for each style. Below here, we shall describe how to carry them so that they can make a good fit on your body. Trust me, there are plenty of places from where you can get these shirts at affordable prices.


A basic tee is the most essential style among all-important styles. And this is not the first post that is written about T-shirts, plenty of posts not per day per week, you can see such articles that are admiring this nice style of shirts. A plain t-shirt is the most favorite style of every man, and even in countless movies, countless actors wear a t-shirt in a different style.

streetwear for men

The first time this shirt style did take birth like an undershirt but very soon it became the main style for all age groups among ethnicity. Now every garment store is overloaded with these styles of shirts with different prices.

Don’t go just with typical colors of the shirt like gray, white, navy, or blue. Pure cotton is its standard for such fine-quality shirts. Besides, bamboo is an excellent option due to its microbial features. Pima cotton is also one of the best options because such type of fabric remains in the same glowing color for a long time even after a thousand wash. 

Keep remember, avoid to investment in a shirt for hundred dollars, you don’t need to come out of the box because it is going to make a superhero. So, make simple and keep simple things because you will be with such standard things. There is no event-specific for these shirts because you can wear them at any moment and make it a special event for you.

It would not wrong to say that there is no place in the world where you cannot go by wearing this shirt. Make rock to wear under button shirt, blazer, or even sweater. You can even go with streetwear style if you go with light jeans and bomber jacket as well. Alone t-shirt looks great even if you just wear with loose trouser and rugged boosts as well.

Ideally, a t-shirt has a great fitting on your body, too tight and too loose both are giving you discomfort position.


A sporty essential is a sweatshirt that is wearing for many decades and continues to sustain for fall or spring wardrobe necessary accessory. According to its name, this piece of garment is the best compliment for the athlete’s sweatpants. But ideally, a sweatshirt is more stylish than sweatpants because you can wear these different options more than just a gym look.

Plenty of ways to wear gray sweatshirts with different pants. Well, an ideal sweatshirt is which is manufactured through 100% pure cotton or even blending of ply cotton offers an excellent choice to wear.

The sweatshirt can give a rock style if you wear it under a denim jacket. Besides, you can match with the jeans and can easily highlight the beauty of this shirt. Another favorite option is adopting a casual style with sneakers and a backpack.

The snug-fitting of sweatshirts can give a relaxed style, but it also depends on your personal interest. No matter in which size you are comfortable, you must ensure that its neck should not have any limit. A snug-fitting should hug your chest, arms, and body but it shouldn’t appear as printed over your body. 

Moreover, a comfortable sweatshirt comes in baggier style with no longer bottom and sleeves. So, you don’t get too long or too loose for your body.

Dress Shirt

If I am not wrong, every gent wardrobe has a classic dress shirt in white color, and no doubt it is the backbone of the wardrobe. And everyone wants to wear it at cocktail parties and many more events where the full dress is required.

But it is not too exciting but never go out of the fashion and this endless style is even more structured and organized than a button-down shirt. And its light color dress shirts are available in a different style of suits with blazers and dress shoes. 

Always get started with crispy classic streetwear clothing that is a perfect handmade white shirt with high-quality cotton. Light pink, yellow, and blue colors shirts are a perfect choice for your wardrobe and you must keep them to wear on some special occasion. If you have time to deal with for ironing of a white shirt, go and grab some wrinkle-free shirts, if not more, but little ironing is essential for these shirts, and keep in mind such a point.