5 Effective Ways To Use Cloud Computing To Achieve Business Goals

Cloud computing has many uses that can provide companies and other sectors with significant business benefits. Cloud computing is a model of computation and set of technologies that allows consumers to access cloud services using the internet on a pay as you go basis. 

Within the past several years large-scale cloud computing is becoming more and more popular where various uses of cloud computing ranges from government agencies and non-governmental  organisations, non-profit organisations and small start-ups have proven effective in providing an array of solutions to different problems.

Have you embraced cloud computing in your business? Well if you don’t, it’s probably because you don’t understand its cases and those benefits. Let’s talk about the effective ways cloud computing can be used to enhance the ability of achieving business goals.

#1 File Storage

There are lots of ways to store and access your data. The hard drive on your laptop is the external hard drive you used to backup and transfer data, network file shares, USB drives and more.

With so many storage options available, what makes cloud storage so special?

Well, the main reason cloud storage is appealing is that the files can be easily accessed and edited. All you need is an internet connection to access your files from any device, anywhere.

With cloud computing storage services, you will be provided with secure access and scalability to increase or decrease storage depending on your needs and budget. For this reason, this type of storage is not only safe but also extremely affordable for small-scale businesses and other industrial sectors.

#2 Big Data Analytics

Today, your business will be at significant disadvantage if you don’t collect big data. This can be the data about your customers, market trends, sales performance and much more. Companies of all sizes need big data for various reasons. Some gather it to discover new opportunities for business growth, while others do so to find solutions to complex problems. However, collecting and analysing big data is not easy. This demand is the use of huge computing resources, which comes with a hefty price tag.

If you want to purchase the resources needed for cloud computing, you may need to slash the budget for other essential services, such as marketing. This is not what you have to do if you adopt cloud computing.

The primary advantage of cloud computing is that it comes with a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy. This means you won’t have to pay for any used time or space which is saving your business a significant amount of money. You only use resources and pay for them when you need them. Without a doubt, cloud computing makes big data analytics simple, useful and affordable.

#3 Data Backup And Storage

Today, the world is full of cybercrime news and frauds . Not a day will pass without cases of major data breaches, which at times turned fatal for many businesses.

Traditional methods of data backup have proved to be effective in backing up data for a long time. Nonetheless, they are prone to viruses, and because of their portable nature, they can be lost and pose a threat to modern businesses.

Cloud-based backup and archiving is the solution to these challenges. It is easy to apply and promises maximum data security. With this approach, you can backup or store your sensitive files in the cloud-based storage system. This gives assurance that your data is still intact even if your live data is somehow compromised.

Some cloud computing services allow you to schedule backups to meet your specific needs. Additionally you can encrypt your cloud backups and make it impossible for hackers and snookers to access. With cloud storage, you can get as much space as you need and store as much data as you need and only pay for what you actually use.

#4 Social Networking

Perhaps one of the most overlooked applications of cloud computing is social networking. Stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are instances of programming as a help cloud  computing models. Social media platforms are developed to help you find people you know or connect with people you don’t know. They also give you many tools to share information and data such as tweets, photos, instant messages and posts. Along with cloud storage, social networking is one of the most common use cases for the use of consumer powered cloud services.

#5 Business Process

If you are using business management applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management, you have already incorporated cloud computing into your management strategy. Such enterprise level applications are deployed using software as a service, which relies heavily on the cloud computing model. They ensure convenient maintenance, security and management of essential resources of your business. In addition, they provide optimum efficiency to the service providers and their customers.


Cloud computing is benefiting not only the IT industries and personal lives of people but also has given a boost to competitiveness because of its greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness , more secureness and elasticity among other sectors. As cloud computing is effectively changing the world of artificial intelligence, you can learn more about the same through cloud computing courses in Delhi.