5 home improvement trends to rule in 2021

This year we spent more time in our homes more than ever. Our homes doubled up as our offices too and from schooling to work out to having tasty meals once in a while we did it all in our homes. Even though many countries have lifted up limitations little by little and people have started to go out, it still may take a year or two to get things back to normal. So, it is not surprising that most of us are thinking about decorating and renovating our homes a little bit. We have all discussed with friends to designers about what is in trend for this year and as we do in every other situation we have looked it up online too. In this article we are talking about 5 points which are going to be in trend for this year decoration and renovation project.

Free up space

This year taught us the importance of having more space in our house. Remodeling basement is in great demand from last year and this year continues to be. Even if you don’t have a basement area you can still make extra space in your room or give illusion of it. Mirrors are great way to make a great way a room bigger than it really is. The key point in their installation is to keep in your mind what will be reflected on surface and choose the location with that in mind. A more cliché way to reimaging any space is to paint it. But if you don’t have time or resources to apply a fresh coat of paint you can always use mobile wallpapers. These wallpapers are peel and stick without hurting the walls so you can take them off if you want to or switch the design later.

Work from home sanctuary

As so many people are working from home the demand for live/work-space renovation, whether it is changing the outlook of an old room or adding new room is on all time high. It has been studied that good lights, color, decoration and furniture have a great influence on our moods, hence having a great interior results in increased productivity. Invest in some great built-in furniture such as drawers or hidden cabinets so that it can be doubled up to function as both work and storage without compromising décor.

Multigenerational purpose rooms

This year taught us about the importance of having people in our lives and how much we crave to be surrounded by them. This year saw a lot of properties being adapted to comfortably accommodate grandparents, children and even grandchildren. In these uncertain times everybody came to live together. Décor has changed to acknowledge to coziness of rooms. You can throw a lot of plush sofas and rugs to enjoy your time in living room. You can also make some time for a daybed, close to window so you can enjoy reading, napping with a perfect view of outside.

Indoors & outdoors

Last year when everything was locked up and people cannot go outside, they were craving green and nature. The trend of creating outdoor space that is an extension of indoor space is on popular demand in 2021house renovation. Decorate your backyard with cozy seating’s, plants and decking to create an inviting space. You can add candles, fairy lights, heaters or fire pits to make the space even cozier. It will be perfect place to host get together parties with group of friends and families.

Rebrand your kitchen

Last year saw a rise in trend of creating bars, media rooms and entertainment pavilions where friends, families can gather together. Kitchen served a great role in this purpose. Cooking together became a safe zone in this uncertain time. You can enhance your kitchen design by doubling up as minibar. You can paint up your kitchen with bright color to bring sunny optimism. If you don’t have time to paint, you can always choose bright hues of colors in form of crockery and furniture.

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