Download This Checklist Before Shopping for Women’s Dresses Online

The comfort of shopping for women’s dresses online is hard to beat!

You don’t have to get all dressed up and commute. And by simply clicking a button on your home computer, tablet, mobile or laptop, you can explore a large variety of styles and fabrics. Best of all, pay for it online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

  • “But what about the fit?”
  • “What about returns if I don’t like it?”
  • “How do I use customer reviews?

If these are the questions on top of your mind, fear not! We have the perfect checklist to help you.

Use this checklist as a guidepost to buy ladies dresses you’ll be happy you bought every single time.

1.  Use the Filter Options

All of the major fashion stores online have options to filter. You’ll usually see this in a visible location on the website. You can choose the budget or range of pricing you prefer, the fabrics, the styles, ethnic or western dresses, the colors and even the lengths you want. 

Making use of the filter option can cut down the time you spend shopping and help you narrow down on the choices of dresses you’ll be the happiest with.

But remember: Feel free to dispense with the filter option if you want to be surprised or are open to trying something new!

  • Achieving the Perfect Fit

The biggest concern for women when they shop online for dresses is the fit. How many times have you ordered something online estimating against your usual sizes only to find that the dress is too tight or the fit is all wrong.

To reduce “friction from unfit”, note your measurements and compare with the size chart available in most online stores against each product. Since products can come in from all over the world, even standard sizes and measurements can vary.

Compare your measurements against the size chart provided to get the closest fit before placing your order.

Small variations can be dealt with on your own. If you need an additional nip and tuck around the waist, have your favourite tailor get to work on it. It’s a small sacrifice to pay to hold onto the dress you absolutely love.

  • Review Product Photos and Videos

More and more businesses are understanding that women love to see the fabric in as much detail as they can before they buy.  Review the product photos which should show you the dress from different angles. If there’s video, even better – you can see how the dress sits generally on a woman’s body.

Bear in mind that product photos feature models that have more balanced silhouettes and are usually taller than the average. Look for photos in the reviews that other buyers have added which will give you an idea of how the dress will look on different body types.

  • Take Stock of What Other Customers Have Said.

Look at the reviews and read all the comments that other buyers have mentioned about the dress you’re eyeing. If the overwhelming majority of commentators rate the product highly, there’s a good chance you’ll like it too.

Minor negative comments or a low percentage of haters are usually no concern for worry. In real life, not everybody will like a product no matter how flawless it seems.

  • Don’t Skip the Returns and Refunds Policies

Any business worth its salt will have its returns and refunds policies laid out clearly on the shopping website. Read through these carefully, no matter how tempted you are to skip the fine print.

If your online store says they don’t give refunds, it’s advisable to be a lot more cautious about the purchase and only buy if it fits all the criteria we listed above.

Some brands allow returns and refunds provided you do so within a set number of days. Some brands also want you to provide a video of you opening the product packaging and showing the concerns so they know it’s genuine. Follow the process they’ve outlined on the site for returns and refunds.

And there you have it! A 5-point checklist to help you buy women’s dresses you’ll be happy with every single time.

Which one of these tips did you find the most useful? Tell us about it in the comments below!