5 Ways Why Azure Cloud Based Solutions Benefit Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Do you want to know how Azure managed services benefit SMBs? A recent survey report reveals that 71% of SMBs are vulnerable to cyber-attacks out of 87% of businesses that have already been data breached. Do you believe that? Guess you must! As your businesses get larger the more you get sustainable in the industry due to various solutions and resources that stay connected. 

Small and medium businesses become vulnerable to cyber-attacks as they lack basic prfotection against ransomware or viruses. Backup and security remain the heart of any business that needs to sustain itself longer in the industry. Azure cloud based solutions guarantee the same protection with new security measures and features that take your business to the next level.

Here we are to learn about the ways Azure cloud services benefit small and medium sized enterprises, and how innovative technology solutions of Azure services boost productivity with robust digital features.

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Overview of Azure Managed Cloud Services in SMBs

  • Microsoft Azure services are no less than any other managed services provided in the industry. It provides scalable cloud solutions for all businesses and enterprises including small, medium, and big.
  • As small and medium businesses (SMBs) look for cost-effective and optimized cloud managed services, Azure cloud services have budget-friendly subscriptions that provide a pay-as-you-go method where you pay only for the cloud operations utilized.
  • Microsoft Azure solutions deliver automated and innovative cloud operations for businesses of all sizes the ability to consolidate and streamline their cloud environment by hosting everything from their website and email to custom-built web and mobile apps.

Crucial Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to SMBs

Well-governed Security & Compliance:

  • While dealing with multiple SaaS (software as a service) applications from multiple managed service providers, it is a hassle job to have control over access to data with security and enforced company-wide compliance policies. 
  • So, Azure managed services make you worry-free with better security & compliance as the above process is often time-consuming, and Azure allows you to set up the enriched policies in each application, and cumbersome for users.
  • Microsoft Azure services procure an HTTP-based service called Azure App Service. With the help of Azure App Service, a company can mould better in terms of control on security and user authentication across multiple apps it may use.
  • Coming to ISO, SOC, and PCI compliant services, they increase control of security and give a business one place, rather than several, where a company can set up access and other security policies for a cohesive authentication strategy.

5 Ways Why Azure Cloud Solutions Benefit Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Enhanced Reliability:

  • While working with third party providers, improved and well-tackled performance with reliability can save your enterprise from hours of lost productivity, and you need not worry about losing your handful, but sit back and relax.
  • Utilizing multiple different cloud applications, hosted in different vendor environments can leave you more at risk of suffering an outage of some possibility from one or another every month.
  • Downtime costs a lot for small businesses, leaving them at a critical loss if not properly governed. It costs about $10000 per hour. Microsoft Azure can enhance reliability and reduce downtime with increased protection. It assures 99.9% uptime across its services.

Pay-as-you-go Method:

  • Microsoft Azure services are keen to provide their customers with services for what they had paid. Instead of investing in services that are not required for your enterprises, it’s always better to choose Azure managed service providers who charge only for the services utilized.
  • Enterprises can easily scale up or down to equalize the space and capabilities they require by allowing them to have more accessible and affordable cloud managed services.

Cost Optimization:

  • The significant benefit of azure managed services includes optimizing operational costs. Migrating to cloud platform indicates less usage of IT equipment and lower maintenance costs.
  • Azure cloud platform services deliver cost-effective cloud solutions to accommodate surges in transactions or business operations that may incapacitate traditional systems.
  • SMBs no longer need to make significant capital investments to purchase, maintain, and upgrade prohibitively expensive servers, computers, and their related software or hardware.
  • Azure cloud-based solutions offer less operational cost certainty because the managed cloud service providers are responsible for the entire cloud system’s security, maintenance, and upgrades.

Data Security & Disaster Recovery:

  • As discussed, data breaches and cyber-attacks are the most common to any enterprise in any industry. However, the responsible hierarchy must be more proactive in protecting data and their digital presence as it not only ensures data safety but also robust data security which is one of the tools that can be used to attract new customers.
  • Stringent control is essential to contribute to internal processes because even a brief period of unproductive downtime can result in huge losses. In fact, downtime in your operations could scathe your brand reputation, lead to low productivity, and cost you money. 
  • Azure cloud computing services enable per-application disaster recovery, ensure cyber resiliency, and allow resiliency orchestration that offers tailored responsiveness depending on an organization’s need for applications.

Driving Enterprise Innovations:

Microsoft Azure cloud services take the responsibility of enduring the below to expand your enterprise with innovative and automated cloud technologies. Here they go:

  • Expand service features while ensuring ease-of-use
  • Roll out sophisticated client journeys tailored to unique client experiences
  • Reach new clients
  • Rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy services and products
  • Gain easy entry to a new market or industry


While most enterprises think that they would require huge investment to go for cloud based services like Azure, it’s evident that SMBs need not worry about their costs and focus on their productivity. Azure cloud platform equalizes the services for small, medium and large companies by providing cloud operations depending on industry requirements.

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