6 Mind-Boggling Facts About Dusky Dolphins You Should Know

Writing about what is going on in marine life is quite fascinating. People are keen to know and observe what the aquatic box contains and how life is there. One of the aquatic creatures we are always excited to know about is the dolphins. People often pay money to visit and play with these human-friendly bottlenose creatures. Special ones among these species are dusky dolphins that exhibit various mind-boggling facts. In this article, we have compiled a list of these facts you should know about. Keep reading to know more!

Interesting Facts about Dusky Dolphins:

Dusky dolphins are rarely known, and their characteristics are not common as others. For example, do you know that these dolphins breathe air while living in the ocean? How difficult it must be! Such features and many more will take your breath away once you know them. Are you interested in exploring further? Walk with us!

1. Part of genus Lagenorhynchus:

When it comes to the family of dusky dolphins, they are rarely found. But, with the most beautiful and magical body colors, these species are special among all. Dusky dolphins belong to the genus Lagenorhynchus. Unfortunately, the family consists of only six species, and hence they are labeled as rare and special.

Dusky dolphins exhibit a relatively shorter rostrum and stocky body shape. The body is made up of schnazzy coloration and stripes that look magical exposed in sunlight. It would not be an exaggeration if you call them rainbow dolphins. Being human-friendly, you should experience Swimming with dolphins once in a lifetime.

2. They see in the dark:

Have you ever heard about echolocation? Dusky dolphins can see in the dark without their eyes, owing to the echolocation feature. They can easily locate their prey at night with the help of emitting and receiving signals. These acoustically-savvy bottlenose creatures forage for the prey in the following steps:

i) Emits signals from their forehead (Thanks to melon located in their head)

ii) Receives the echo back in their lower jaw

iii) The returning echo is transmitted to the ear and brain via the fatty tissue layer.

Their brain is specially designed to interpret the received echo signals and form an image of their prey. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is!

3.Insane acrobatic skills:

Back-flipping and tail-slapping are something that ordinary dolphins rarely do. But they are not more than normal playings for dusky dolphins. You will be amazed to see their insane acrobatic skills. It is normal for them to live and travel in pods.

You should not be surprised if you see these water creatures cartwheeling through the air and back-flipping all day. Had there been dolphin Olympics, dusky dolphins would have been at the top of the list.

4. Super intelligent creatures:

Dusky dolphins are known to be super intelligent when compared with other water creatures. But, have you ever known that these dolphins can recognize their reflection in the mirror? You are hearing it for the first time! Dusky dolphins are third on the list of this recognition after humans and apes.

Their intelligence is not limited to mere reflection recognition. Scientists have documented that these species wear sponges their beaks while hunting. They do so to protect against craggy, sharp rocks. Isn’t it a smart move?

5. They love talking:

Of all the acoustic abilities that dusky dolphins have, the range of vocal sounds they make is amazing. They love a chinwag. The mesmerizing sounds they make include whistles, moans, groans, yelps, and barks. Once in their company, these acrobatic bottlenose creatures will leave you WOW through their sounds.

When you interact with them, they will make sounds to talk to you in their way. They are human-friendly and love to build new connections with humans. Swimming with dolphins is an adventurous way to interact and talk to these lovely creatures.

6. Highly social beings:

You will never see a single dolphin traveling alone in the waters. The reason is that these dusky dolphins are highly social beings and love to live and travel in pods. From a group of 2 to 30, these creatures love to travel and live together.

Living pods give these species several advantages. First, they can live together in pods so predators cannot attack them. Moreover, they can hunt in groups which makes catching the prey easy. Finally, the pods can be as bigger as 1000 dolphins. Such a high number is found either in mating events or when the food is plentiful.

Interact with dolphins once in a lifetime!

A dolphin encounter is the best ever-adventurous experience in one’s life. From swimming to playing and riding these funny bottlenose creatures, the adventure will leave you WOW! The mesmerizing vocal sounds will make you a big fan of these mammals. Try swimming with these creatures at least once in your life!