9 Ways to Reinvent Your Fashion Style on a Budget

The pandemic has given everyone ample time to figure out their own style preferences. Are you a working woman who wants to look their best during meetings? Or are you a college-going girl who wants to revamp their wardrobe?

 Whatever your style identity is, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to remodel your wardrobe in 2022 within a budget.

Here are a few tips to give your wardrobe a makeover and a breath of fresh air in this new year.

Create a Particular Budget Within Which you will Buy Fashion Apparel

The first step you should take if you want to be fashionable within a budget is to create a goal beyond which you won’t spend on clothing on online fashion sites.

  • Set a particular monetary aim to buy clothing, accessories, shoes, and other required items.
  • This budget will be for different items like clothing, shoes & accessories.
  • Once you set a goal you are much less likely to buy things impulsively and spend more than required.
  • Go Thrift Shopping to Save Cash

Thrifting or thrift shopping is buying second-hand clothes that are in good condition. Thrifting is not preferred by everyone as old clothes are refurbished. But if you are keen on saving a few bucks, then thrifting can be an excellent option for you.

Make sure to find an online fashion store that is authentic and genuine. Original thrift stores also make sure that the clothing is in good condition and hygienic enough for another person to wear.

These shops can provide you with beautiful pieces that are of no use to the previous customers. In addition, thrift stores offer you with elegant clothing at almost half the price or even less.

Identify your Individual Style and Preference

I cannot stress enough how important identifying your individual style is. If you know which clothing suits your body type and is favoured by you, then you save cash in the long run.

Moreover, you do not end up buying clothing impulsively, which you will not wear later. Identification of personal choice mix and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Some tips that can help you identify your unique sense of fashion are:

  • What kind of clothing makes you feel the most comfortable?
  • Which type of clothing makes you feel confident in your own skin?
  • What kind of clothes do you dread wearing outside?
  • Which clothes and accessories enhance and reflect your personality the most?

These are a few questions that will help you identify your personal style.

Invest in essential clothing pieces, also known as ‘staples’ or ‘classics.’

If you want to reinvent your fashion within a budget, then a crucial step that you require to take is to invest in essential clothing. Staple clothes are those pieces of your wardrobe that have the capability of complimenting anything that you wear.

If you invest in good-quality staples, then you will save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, you won’t have to purchase primary clothing innumerable times due to poor quality.

Some staples include:

  • A basic crisp white tee shirt.
  • Turtle necks of solid colours like black, white, and neutral colours.
  • A pair of blue and black jeans.
  • A long summer floral dress.
  • A monochromatic shrug that you can wear over any other top.

Thus classics are essential clothing that you will require on a day-to-day basis. However, if you buy high-quality and expensive staples initially, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

Shop Offline and Make Sure to Bargain your Best

If you want to reinvent your fashion within a budget, then make sure to check your local stores for clothing. Frequently local stores and markets provide heavy discounts to their customers. You can also find clothes and accessories at a much cheaper rate near your house than relying on fashion styling online.

For example, if you live in Delhi, make sure you visit marketplaces like Sarojini Nagar, which provides excellent clothing and accessories at a very cheap rate. If you live in Kolkata, you can visit Newmarket, which sells beautiful jewellery and clothes at a meagre price.

Finally, if you live in Mumbai, you can visit Fashion Street to twist your old and boring clothes. These marketplaces are hubs of fashion hotspots where clothes are sold at a meagre price with supreme quality.

Check on the Already Available Supplies

First, you should check your own wardrobe and sort out everything into three categories.

  1. Clothing and accessories that you have not worn and will probably never wear.
  2. Clothing that you can sell and earn a few bucks or donate.
  3. Clothes that are still perfect and you will use.

Once you have sorted your wardrobe into these three categories, you will know what you have to sell, donate, or continue wearing.

Using the Above Tip to Reinvent Your Fashion Style Within a Budget?

Pay attention to which clothes you are willing to sell or donate. Spot a particular trend in these clothes, like if there is a specific fabric you had brought previously but do not like buying anymore. You should immediately stop buying any clothing made of the same material.

For example, if you see that your ‘sell’ and ‘donate’ pile has a lot of chiffon clothing, it probably means that you’re not comfortable wearing chiffon. So be mindful and buy less chiffon clothing the next time so that you save your money.

You will save tons of cash by using this tip.

Compare Different Web Stores and Shop Online

If you plan on buying clothing online, then make sure that you check for the same pieces  on different websites for fashion and style online shopping. Compare the prices of the same dress on various websites and choose the one which gives you the maximum discount. Of course, this goes without saying that a consumer should also be mindful of the quality.

Shop During the End-of-Season Sales or Festivals

It is well-known that websites provide generous discounts and deals during the end of the season or festivals like Christmas and Diwali. So if you shop during these times of the year, you are sure to get your fashion items at a much lesser price than at other times of the year.

Don’t rush; build your wardrobe over time.

Another important thing to consider is that any wardrobe built over a long period is of superior quality. Do not rush the process of giving your wardrobe a makeover. Buy clothing over a long period but invest in good quality. Always know that quality is more important than quantity.

Take time to revamp your wardrobe as if you hurry the process, you might end up spending a lot of money than is required. Whereas if you invest minor amounts of money over a longer time in the fashion style online shopping sector, you will save money, and your clothing will also be trendy.

Final Words:

Famous fashion icon Christian Dior once said, “Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance.” The line has a lot of gravity and shows that your individual style reflects your fashion sense. A beautiful smile can make any clothing look good on you. If you feel good about the clothes that you wear, then you automatically look gorgeous.