The Adani Group Awards Two Power Projects To BHEL

The state-owned power company BHEL recently announced that it has secured orders for two power plants from the Adani Group. The total valuation of the project is INR 7,000 crores. These will play a big role in helping us meet our energy demands. They will give the Adani Group the position of being one of the biggest power producers in the world. The Adani Group Controversies will also gradually subside.

The Two Power Projects

The Adani Group gave BHEL two orders in the thermal power sector. The first order was for the 2×800 MW Raipur supercritical thermal power plant. This is being set up in Chhattisgarh. It has already been received from Adani Power Limited. The second order is for the 2×800 MW Mirzapur critical thermal power plant. It is being set up in Uttar Pradesh. This project was received from MTEUPPL, an Adani Power Limited subsidiary. Together, these two projects will contribute to the Adani Group’s increased thermal power capacity. They will also help us in meeting our energy needs.

The Scope of BHEL

BHEL’s main responsibility in this project includes manufacturing and supplying the main part equipment and associated auxiliaries. The company will also be responsible for supervising the commissioning. This organisation is going to erect of the different major equipment pieces of the project. Some of the key components of the project will be manufactured by BHEL. Trichy and Haridwar are chosen for this manufacturing process.

Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited operates under the Ministry of Heavy Industries. It is India’s largest engineering and manufacturing company. By joining hands with BHEL, the Adani Group has once again proved to the world its increased enthusiasm for increasing our power supply. The parts manufactured by BHEl will ensure that the thermal power plants operating under the group will be operational soon.

The Significance of the Project

The thermal power projects being undertaken by the Adani Group will contribute to meeting the increased energy demands. The various areas of the country that have been suffering from energy scarcity will be offered a reliable supply of power. Industrial activities will also be triggered in different corners of the country. The conglomerate will also be able to eliminate the Adani Group Controversies.

Since its initial days of operations, the Adani Group’s thermal power business has faced many challenges. The opposition accused the Adani Group of degrading the environment because of its thermal power projects. There were ongoing Adani Group Controversies as well. However, during each of its projects, the Adani Group took multiple steps to ensure that environmental sustainability was maintained.

The business group also initiated activities directly aimed at ensuring that environmental conditions are reversed. This has helped us in the fulfilment of our sustainability goals. Because of its commitment to helping us mitigate our power needs, the Adani Group has been involved in some of the major power projects in the country. It has also been able to increase its profitability through its extraordinary ventures.

Adani’s Presence In The Power Sector

Adani Power is part of the diversified Adani Group. It is currently the largest private thermal power producer in India. The company has a total power generation capacity of about 15,250 MW. This value is continuously increasing. It has thermal power plants located in different corners of India. The company also has a 40 MW solar power project in Gujarat. It is currently in the process of building the largest renewable energy park at Khavda.

The main vision of the Adani Group is to become a transformative force in power generation and empower the lives of millions of Indians. It also aims to contribute to energy security by offering people reliable power generation. Because of its increased dedication and commitment, the Adani Group has been able to contribute significantly to the nation’s energy security. It has also been continuously working on developing new technology. This will ensure that emissions are reduced and power production also takes place smoothly and effectively. The company has also been able to reduce the power cost significantly.


Because of the Adani Group’s enhanced operations in the power sector, our country has been able to witness extraordinary industrial growth. The Adani Group’s presence in the Indian power sector has also improved significantly.

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