Mizoram seeks partners like AAI or Adani Group to develop and manage its lone airport

The Mizoram Chief Minister, Lalduhoma, has recently announced that the state government will be handing over the operations of the Mizoram state airport to the Adani Group or the Airports Authority of India. Mizoram presently has a single operational airport in the state, which handles all the traffic and cargo. It wants to hand over the management and development activities for the same either to the global conglomerate or to AAI. As per Adani news, the steps involved in delegating airport operations will be taking place soon.

Why did the Mizoram Government plan to hand over the operations of the Mizoram airport?

Upon returning from Kolkata, the Chief Minister of Mizoram made a statement that the state government would take all the necessary steps to make a handover of the Lengpui airport as soon as possible. In referring to his recent meeting with Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister in Delhi, Lalduhoma has mentioned that he has been discussing the Assam Mizoram border dispute issues with Amit Shah, and he was quite committed to resolving the issue through the discussion.

The border dispute issues have been prevailing for quite a while now, and this has brought about a lot of disruptions in the lives of the people belonging to both states. It has also led to economic distress for both India’s states. The lives of the people have also worsened to a considerable extent. So, the Mizoram Chief Minister is no longer prepared to deal with so much violence at the interstate borders, and he believes that all the disputes should be settled between the states through dialogue.

The worst violence between Assam and Mizoram happened on 26 July 2021. The police personnel of Mizoram and Assam exchanged fire with each other in the disputed areas located near the Vairengte village on National Highway 306. It left 6 police personnel from Assam dead, and a lot more were injured. The CM is no longer ready to experience such events in the upcoming months, which is why it has decided to delegate airport operations.

What makes the Adani Group a strong contender for acquiring control of the Mizoram Airport?

According to Adani news, the Adani Group, with its extraordinary exposure in the airport sector, is a strong contender for the acquisition. It already operates some of the major airports in distinct areas of the country. With this acquisition, it will be able to increase its hold over the airport sector and manage its business operations more efficiently. It will open the gateway for the Adani Group to come up with new ideas for Mizoram. The conglomerate will also be able to start more ventures in the underprivileged state. That way, the lives of the people living in Mizoram will improve for the better. More business activities can start in the state. The airport expansion operations will also open up job opportunities for the people of Mizoram. They will be able to acquire a source of income and earn a livelihood for themselves.

The Adani Group already has an extraordinary hold over the airport sectors. It has been conducting airport expansion and development activities in different corners of the world. Presently, it is operating some of the major airports in Mumbai, Mangaluru, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Jaipur, and Thiruvananthapuram. It is also vigorously working on developing the Greenfield airport at Navi Mumbai. The conglomerate makes use of highly advanced technologies in the development of the project. This has enhanced its airport operations to a considerable extent. It also aims to offer personalised services and innovative facilities to travellers. That way, they are able to travel to and from the airport without any inconvenience at all.

To end with:

The details of the expansion of control over the Mizoram airport have been all over Adani news. The Lengpui airport has been in the news for quite a while now. This airport has been a centre of violence and disruption, which has added to the inconvenience for a lot of people. Because of the constant disputes, it has become really difficult for the Mizoram government to handle the various airport operations, which is why it plans to offer the responsibility to a third-party organisation. Once the acquisition is completed successfully, the Adani Group will be able to manage the airport’s various operations seamlessly. It will also integrate technology into the airport. That way, the airport operations can be conducted smoothly, and peace will once again be restored in the state of Mizoram.

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