Without a doubt, added sugar is the most hazardous component of the modern diet. It has been linked to a variety of health issues, including cancers, diabetes, rapid aging, and weight gain. Refined sugar is prepared in such a way that it is full of chemicals and devoid of any nutritional value. Raw honey, dates, and maple syrup are all-natural sweeteners that are low in calories and high in nutrition. The following is a list of the best natural sweeteners for tea, coffee, and baked foods.

Yacon Syrup 

Yacon syrup is made from the yacón plant, also known as Smallanthus sonchifolius, which is native to South America. It has a sweet flavour, a dark tint, and a thick viscosity comparable to molasses. Fructooligosaccharides, a type of sugar molecule that the human body cannot digest, make roughly 40–50 percent of yacon syrup. Yacon syrup has one-third the calories of conventional sugar, or around 1.3 calories per gram, because these different substances are not metabolised.

The high fructooligosaccharide content of yacon syrup has a number of health benefits. It has been shown to lower the glycemic index, body weight, and the risk of colon cancer in studies. 

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar, commonly known as coconut palm sugar, is manufactured from the delicious nectar of coconut palm flower buds. Which is high in minerals like potassium, iron, and vitamins. It contains half the fructose found in ordinary sugar and has a low glycemic index. It is an excellent substitute for tea, cereal, or baked delicacies.


Dates are the healthiest option. It also contains the same antioxidant content as herb or berries, making it a nutritionally sweetener.. They include important minerals such as copper, vitamin B6, fibre, iron, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. They improve the metabolism of proteins, carbs, and lipids, lowering LDL cholesterol levels in the body and lowering the risk of stroke.


Organic Stevia

Stevia sweetener is an organic sweetener extract from the leaves,  which is a stevia plant native of South America. The chemicals stevioside and rebaudioside can be used to make this plant-based organic stevia sweetener. It has no calories, contains more than 350 times sweeter than sugar, and may have a slightly distinct flavour than sugar.

Stevia leaves are high in phytochemicals & minerals, so it’s no surprise that the sweetener is already linked to a range of health benefits. Stevia’s sweet ingredient, stevioside, has been demonstrated to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and insulin levels.

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Raw honey, particularly raw local honey, is similar to dates in that it is both a true food and the nectar of the gods. Honey, in addition to sugar, provides amino acids, electrolytes, and a variety of antioxidants. It has been praised for its natural antibacterial effects as well as its potential to relieve allergic issues. While honey contains more fructose than sugar, it has a low glycemic index, making it one of the finest sugar alternatives. According to one study, replacing sugar with honey can really lower blood sugar levels, prevent obesity, or lower cholesterol levels.

Maple Syrup

Real maple syrup has a low glycemic index and low fructose level, making it a better sugar substitute. It is derived directly from trees, has barely processed, and includes far more minerals and antioxidants than honey, such as manganese, riboflavin, zinc, and magnesium. It is also fewer in calories than most other sweeteners. The only caution is that when purchasing maple syrup, make sure the label claims 100% maple syrup. Otherwise, you may be getting corn syrup with “maple flavouring”. 


Another healthy sweetener that is nutritionally superior to others is blackstrap molasses, which is high in potassium, calcium, and iron. One tablespoon of iron is equivalent to a 3-ounce serving of steak, providing more than 10% of the daily required iron dose. The thickest grade is blackstrap molasses, which is processed three times to extract as much sucrose as possible. It is a by-product of refined white sugar.


Tagatose is classified as GRAS by the FDA, and scientists are interested in its potential to aid in the management of type 2 diabetes. According to certain research, tagatose has a low glycemic index (GI) and may help with obesity therapy. The GI scale is a grading system that determines how quickly a particular food raises a person’s blood sugar levels.

Monk Fruit

This sugar alternative is low in calories and sugar-free, making it great for diabetics, blood sugar disorders, and keto dieters. Monk fruit is made from a Chinese fruit and is considerably sweeter than sugar, so you only need a little of it to get a sweet taste. It’s also titled Lo Han Guo.

However, there is a risk that monk fruit will leave an aftertaste or unduly sweeten meals. Monk fruit is our favourite non-nutritive sweetener, and it’s the only one that hasn’t given us any strange adverse effects. It’s the best-tasting sugar replacement in one’s opinion. However, because everyone is different, you must try it for yourself!


Xylitol is another sugar alcohol that does not elevate blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetics and keto dieters. Might cause stomach problems on few peoples like other sugar alcohol

It is also usually sourced from GMO corn, so choose an organic variant that is made from birchwood. If you follow a grain-free diet. Bonus: there is some evidence that xylitol can benefit oral health and even function as a prebiotic!


Sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. It has undergone extensive research and has been approved by the FDA as a safe sugar substitute for persons trying to cut calories, diabetics, breastfeeding mothers & pregnancy

Because sucralose is heat-stable, there is a wide range of sucralose products available, including sugar-sucralose blends designed for baking. Sucralose can also be added at the table to beverages and meals. Pay attention to the numbers:Even while using a baking mix, you don’t need to get as much of it to enrich tastes.

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is from fermented brown rice that has been treated with enzymes to break down the starch. The liquid is then cooked until it reaches the consistency of syrup.

What was the end result? A thick, amber-colored sweet syrup that is ideal for recipes that call for corn syrup or other harmful sweeteners. The fermenting process aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates into easily digested sugars. The fermenting procedure is critical to specific brown rice syrups with barley enzymes, implying gluten content.

Only buy gluten-free brown rice syrup


There are so many fantastic sugar replacements available now. You can wish to experiment with different alternatives based on your individual needs to find which works best for you.

Almost everyone would benefit from reducing their intake of processed sugars. Rather than utilizing sugar replacements, it may be preferable to avoid all sugar altogether. If you have any questions regarding what is best for you, consult your doctor.