5 Animation YouTube Channel You Need To Watch

Sometimes we just wanted to lay down on the couch watching our favorite animation shows all day long, having grandma’s cookies in the right hand and remote TV on the left. Those days were purely gold.

However, we don’t have that time again as we are busy carrying the adult world’s responsibilities. Most of the time, we are too indulged in the works that we lack entertaining sources. Instead of paying monthly TV channels bills to watch your favorite shows, you pass the payment for rent and water. 

This is the adult world we are living in right now.

But, there are some free animation shows on YouTube that you can watch everywhere at any time. These cartoon shows will give you nostalgic times of your childhood without emptying your wallet. So, here are five animated YouTube channels you need to watch:

1. WB Kids (13.8 M subscribers)

It is the official channel for Warner Bros Kids that provides classic cartoons like the Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, and Scooby-Doo! These cartoons are so rare by nature to find. So, it is kind of like finding a needle in the haystack for every cartoon lover.

Warner Bros gives a 30-minutes cartoon on this channel. You don’t need to worry about the cut scenes as you can get a full-time experience just when you watched them back in the days.

2. Mr. Bean Cartoon World (5.58 M subscribers)

Mr. Bean’s show was so popular that an animation show was created for this matter. The animated Mr. Bean is targeted at kids who don’t really get the ‘jokes’ on the actual show. However, that doesn’t mean adults cannot watch this version.

In fact, Mr. Bean Cartoon World is also funny on its own. The animation itself revolves around Mr. Bean’s livelihood and Grandma Mrs. Wicket, her landlady. Unlike the real Mr. Bean show that has every villain character in each episode, the animated one only has the main antagonist portrayed by the Grandma.

3. Simon’s Cat (5.42 M subscribers)

If you enjoy watching cat videos on YouTube, you might as well try watching Simon’s Cat. It is a story about Simon and his naughty white cat who loves adventuring around the neighborhood.

Unlike other animation channels, Simon’s Cat was consistent in having a black-and-white mode on its regular upload. However, on each special occasion, there will be a colorized episode like the origin story of Simon’s Cat.

Each episode has 2-7 minutes long that tells about the white cat and its friends, and Simon himself. This different approach has its audiences of 5 million subscribers.

4. Mondomedia (4.82 M subscribers)

Do you remember having Happy Tree Friends on your TV? Well, that was horrific to watch as a child. Since you are an adult now, you can revisit this show on the Mondomedia channel.

Mondomedia has not only Happy Tree Friends on its channel but also other animation series you should check it out. The Mondo Shows tell a story of different characters from Mr. Wong, Larkmart, Post Nuclear Family, Mrs. Brickles, and many more.

This channel has tons of cartoon choices for you when you are bored. Happy Tree Friends, for example, has over 20 full episodes and is still updating. Each animation show also provides over 15 episodes, so you do have sufficient stock for months.

5. Frame Order (3.68 M subscribers)

Frame Order has over 1500 videos uploaded and a different story on each episode. Unlike other animation channels, Frame Order has a different time frame on every video. It ranges from 34 seconds to 15 minutes long, depending on the story they have.

However, Frame Order is on the line with other big channels despite not having a massive subscriber because a million viewers watch each episode. It shows that Frame Order has a great storyline and avid fanbase.

If you are looking for a new cartoon series, Frame Order should be on your watch list. Their characters are refreshing and funny at the same time. And it won’t take you long as they have a very short episode worth watching.

Wrap It Up

There are other options to get some entertaining shows aside from a regular TV channel, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to snuggle on your couch at a certain time when your favorite animation show is airing.

YouTube unsurprisingly has tons of amusing shows you can watch anytime with no hassle. But, we have carefully selected these five channels for your entertaining sources. Those are some classic cartoons that you don’t realize you missed them dearly and some popular channels you need to check out. Go watch your favorites now!


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