Are dwarves really powerful according to this story

Hello, guys, this is Doronsmovies and today I will be talking about Dwarves and how powerful they are. Briefly covering their history and then talking about characteristics and culture. So without further ado, let’s get into the lore! The Earthen were created many millennia ago by the Titans in order to help structure Azeroth and to keep the planet in check. As the titan-forged, they were in charge of shaping the earth and digging underground.

Eventually, Yogg-Saron the Old God would create the Curse of Flesh that would not only change their forms and corrupt the titan watchers but would also cause a massive civil war. Many of the earthen were slaughtered, so a large group would follow Tyr and his allies in exile, searching for a new life. Along the way, Tyr sacrificed himself and they reached a new home of Uldaman, a titan-forged vault. The group settled there and after the first signs of the Curse of Flesh became more and more evident, they asked to be placed in hibernation so that they could possibly be cured one day. Unfortunately, that cure never came and they would awaken many millennia later. Now drastically different, they had become mortal creatures of flesh and blood. Known as dwarves they left the halls of Uldamanand ventured west. Also, read- Dwarven last names

They were drawn to a snowy mountain range that they would name Khaz’Modan in honour of the titan Khaz’goroth. Doing what they do best they dug into the heart of the mountain and crafted a marvelous city known as Ironforge. Eventually, they would be discovered by human explorers and would start to develop their relationship, becoming allies. At first, they were collectively a part of the Ironforge clan, but they were later divided into three factions: Bronzebeards, Wildhammerand Dark Iron dwarves.

At one point Modimus Anvilmar the high king died and war broke out. Significant political strife occurred as the dwarves split and even Ragnaros was summoned. Very recently they reunited once again and became whole. Throughout the years they participated in the orcish wars as well as the Scourge invasion. Since then they became an even more important part of the Alliance participating in anything from the invasion of Outland, up to the most recent Burning Legion attack.

Currently, they are a significant part of the war effort in the new world war between the Alliance and the Horde. So with this very brief history, how powerful are the dwarves, and what are their characteristics? On average dwarves are between 4-5 feet in height, so around 140 cms. Males usually average 5 feet, so around 150cmswhile females are on the lower part of the spectrum. In terms of weight, it is usually about 180pounds or 80kgs. Despite their height, dwarves are incredibly powerful as well as muscular. Dwarves almost always have very long beards and on some occasions even the females possess them. They have a more sturdy but less agile build, making them perfect warriors. Also, read- kobold names

This is largely due to their earthen heritage. Physical strength is their advantage, so commonly waives prefer to be heavily armoured as well as use maces, axes, and shields. In terms of lifespan, they generally live around200 years which is twice the age of humans but overall it is not really that long when compared to the rest of the races. Culture-wise dwarves are incredibly connected to their titan heritage. They have an inbuilt duty towards Earth and also an unquenchable thirst to figure out their history. They worship the titan Pantheon as their creators, although recently many dwarves have turned to follow the Church of the Holy Light.

Light is not as big with them as it is with the humans or the Draenei for example but they are a well-established priest and paladin race. Now there is definitely a difference between the clans as the Bronzebeard are more the blacksmithing, warrior, priest type clan while the Wildhammer dwarves are more about nature, gryphon riding and shamanism. Today as they have all united, it makes the dwarves a very versatile race with their separate characteristics. When it comes to mounts they generally utilizeRams and Gryphons, mainly due to their sturdiness as well as the ability to climb and fly through mountainous regions.

Technology-wise they are not as advanced as the gnomes but they have benefited from them greatly. Dwarves are world-class blacksmiths and they use that skill to create their machinery. We have seen them use siege engines, mortars, rifles and all sorts of other advanced weaponry. In regards to the population, it is unclear but no signs really show that they are low in numbers. The reason for this is that they’re one of the few races on Azeroth that have not been hit too hard with the recent wars. Yes they had casualties but they were never directly hit and even with the closest threat to them, Gnomergan, it was really just the gnomes that were the victims.

Now with all the clans united, all signs show that they are relatively high in numbers, making them possibly the strongest race after the humans within the Alliance. Overall with their titanic heritage, dwarves are one of the most ancient protectors of Azeroth. They are physically powerful and intelligent as well as industrialized and developed. Even though designed by gnomes, the DeeprunTram is a big sign of their technological achievements.

Dwarves have participated in countless wars and have been a critical part of the Alliance on many occasions. As one of the oldest races on Azeroth, dwarves are one powerful species

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