Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer Tells About The Wonderful Benefits Of Playing Table Tennis

When we were children, the only objective of our lives was to learn, grow, and opt for healthy habits that can make things better. Even today, kids have the same thing in their minds. To help them meet their goals, some schools provide them with numerous opportunities to pick up skills that are helpful at the different stages of their lives. This is why you will see that schools now focusing on giving equal importance to academic success, social and emotional well-being, and physical health. One of the most common things that schools do for this is offering multiple sports activities such as table tennis. In case your school does not have this sport, you can go to Bluewater Sports Academy where you will meet top trainers such as Arjun Muralidharan swimmers.

What makes table tennis a great choice for kids, as per Arjun Muralidharan swimmer

Sports are quite fun. This is because they provide the participant with better mental health, social inclusion, physical fitness, and a sense of completeness. In case you feel a little afraid of strength-based sports, you can surely try table tennis where your mental health and reflexes will help you stand out. Since this sport can lead to a happy and healthy future, it can keep you active and stress-free.

If we talk about kids, they can learn so many things from this sport. It involves communication, interaction, social bonding, and so on. Above all, they can become more patient and know how to be more respectful and follow rules with discipline. Along with these below are some more benefits that one can obtain through this sport:

Enhanced reflexes

Yes, it does not include hazardous objects, but you should know that it is one of the fastest sports. In fact, it is even faster than regular/court tennis and badminton though it is an indoor game. You will be provided with a limited range to move quickly. This means you will not get more time to play a shot. Due to this, you will need to be fast-paced. If kids opt for proper training, they can make their reflexes better. As a result, they will be able to improve their muscular strength.

Better ‘hand-eye’ coordination

Table tennis is considered an intense game. Hence, it is an ideal pick for your child if you want to make your child’s mind sharper and improve their focus. In addition to this, it is an outstanding sport for your child to make their flexibility and agility better. Furthermore, you can help them improve their concentration. You can even let your child include swimming under the guidance of Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer so that he/she can gain maximum benefits.

Good for making a child’s brain sharper

For the brain’s health, table tennis is particularly a great sport. How? This is because it includes the upper as well as lower body of the player. Since it combines lots of aerobic moves, it will not only make the reflexes better but improve the hand-eye coordination too. When these happen, the brain of your child will get activated so that they can catch the ball, plan the next shot, and know how to play well and trick the opponent.

Burns a great amount of calories

To stay active, it is necessary to burn the right amount of calories. With the help of this amazing sport, one can help them make their bones stronger. Along with this, they can keep their muscular moves under control. Above all, table tennis is specifically useful to keep your child’s heart healthy. This sport is more like a healthy habit that can keep the obesity risk at bay.

Help kids build their community and have social inclusion

A child should interact with other kids and people so that they can stay fit mentally. This is where table tennis is proved to be a fun activity. When your child is in an academy where trainers like Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer are available, they will have a great time of smiles and laughter. Furthermore, table tennis is among the sports that are fun to learn. Hence, it never creates divisions.

Improved balance

In order to make your child a good and successful table tennis player, you must help them with the right balance. Why it is so important? This is essential to allow them to change their directions swiftly and smoothly. The only way to work on the balance is to let your child play as much as possible. The more they will play, the better the balance will become.

Closing remarks

Today, more and more educational institutions are promoting character development, athletic progression, holistic personal growth, and so on. Besides, academies such as Bluewater Sports are also helping kids achieve all these benefits through professional training. Apart from table tennis, you will also find other sports such as badminton, taekwondo, and swimming with well-trained and certified trainers such as Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer.

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