Top 10 attractive cake making tips with delicious ingredients

With recipes for baking or cooking, each chef will have more or less different secrets of making a cake. And if you love baking or are pursuing professional baking, do not ignore the 10 baking tips below to make your finished product more delicious!

Be consistent about the temperature of the butter when baking

Avocado is an important ingredient in many recipes. So prepare enough butter as the recipe already has. However, the temperature of butter can significantly affect the texture of pastries.

There are three different types of butter that are commonly used in recipes: soft butter, chilled and melted butter. Most recipes use butter at room temperature / soft butter. With this type, when you touch you will not feel warm butter, pressing your hand will see dents. For a consistent consistency of the butter’s temperature when baking, remove the butter about 1 hour before it starts.

If you make biscuits or cakes, butter must be set at room temperature to ensure the desired baking, and for cakes with a crust like bread, the butter must be cold to make the crust crispy. Unless there are special requirements on the type of butter, you should melt the butter and warm when used.

Ensure the room temperature of the raw material

When it comes to temperature, if a cake recipe requires eggs at room temperature or any milk ingredients like milk or yogurt, you need to ensure this to help the cake have a homogeneous texture. during the making process.

3. Read the recipe before starting

Reading formulas is essential even if you have confidence in memorizing them. This care will help you avoid even serious silly mistakes when making cakes. Reading the formula in advance will help you know how, why, where, and when you will do the most specific thing. It is better if you only take 1-5 minutes but create a quality cake and make sure not to waste materials if the dish fails.

4. Always have ingredients ready

Get the ingredients in the recipe before you start baking. This way, you will be able to control and avoid problems just because you are missing a certain material while saving you time.

5. Measuring the right materials and ensuring the implementation process

Making delicious and professional cakes is applying the recipe scientifically. It is important to measure proportions of ingredients according to the recipe as they are all proven. Unlike cooking, you can not make a delicious cake by estimating some ingredients together that require absolute accuracy. Therefore, fully prepare the measuring tools and make the correct measurement of ingredients according to the recipe when making.

Besides, please respect and follow the baking process exactly instead of you want to save time, so you can turn off or mix all the ingredients together. This can ruin your cake.

6. There should be a thermometer

The temperature of each oven will vary and change over time. So to make the cake satisfactory when you bake, you need to determine the exact temperature of the oven you are using. It is best to use a thermometer to accurately measure the oven temperature that will help the cake reach the best quality.

7. Don’t forget to close the oven door

Oven temperatures can ruin a cake recipe. You will lower the oven temperature if you constantly open it to check it during baking or if you forget to close the oven door. By doing so, it is possible that cool outside air will overflow, disrupting the oven’s operation and affecting the cake.

8. The flour types are not the same

There are different types of flour with different nutritional ingredients, and each of these will be suitable for making certain cakes. So you need to know the nutrition of each type of flour to choose the right flour for the type of bread you want to make. For example, with cookies, you will need a protein-rich flour to increase the crunchiness, so a versatile flour is a good choice. For cakes such as cakes, you should choose a wheat flour that does not contain a lot of protein to make the cake softer and softer.

9. Notice the replacement with a different material

Following the recipe will help you make the right batch. However, sometimes you can also be flexible to replace other ingredients if missing, but pay special attention to not damage or reduce the deliciousness of your cake. Study the nature of the ingredients you want to replace to make sure they do not affect too much the quality of the finished product. For example, when an avocado is lacking, you can substitute it with olive oil; replace versatile flour with baking powder, cornflour for specialized flour …

10. Ready for testing

From the standard recipes, you are ready to experiment to come up with a new recipe that better suits the taste of yourself and your family. This is the foundation for creating their own cake recipes.

For those who are passionate about baking, perhaps it will be interesting to accumulate a lot of good baking tips. Hopefully, these interesting and useful tips for making these cakes have helped you have more knowledge to create good taste and delicious.

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