Mistakes You Must Avoid While Creating a Corporate Video

All video marketers hope to one day produce and direct a company video that achieves widespread acclaim both from the critics and the public. However, going viral with a company video is easier said than done. Every so often when companies try to make a video go viral or have it win an award, businesses tend to forget about the sole purpose of making the video in the first place – the customer. 

Although being creative and innovative is important, company videos must at first be engaging enough for its average target consumer, while getting important messaging through and integrating effective branding. Here are some of the most basic mistakes you must avoid while creating a corporate video –

Overburdening the Video with Data

Stuffing ten or twenty years of the business history into a corporate video is one of the most basic mistakes corporate video producers make. Not only does it make the video visually crowded, that much amount of information can be overwhelming and boring to the viewer. 

What needs to be done – A planned rundown of the business’ past years will never pique the interest of the viewers. What will interest them is a narrative about the product/service or the notion that is being presented. The question that needs to be asked before even writing the script is – what is the most significant aspect of the story that needs to be heard by the people? For instance, when making a video for a toothpaste company, simply focusing on the product is not enough. Paying attention to dental care and its importance – that is what the viewers will be interested with. 

Making the Video Too Long

The attention span of most viewers for internet videos is about 60 to 90 seconds. Needless to say, any video over two minutes is bound to be unsuccessful. 

What needs to be done – Fight the urge to keep prolonging the running time of the video. Instead, try to jot down the core elements of the video. Having a well thought out and well regulated visual narrative helps in catching the viewer’s attention. Maintain a balanced run time where you can get all of your important points across while still leaving room for innovations and creativity. Conciseness in a video is better than lengthy run times.

Choosing Over the Top Background Music

Music ought to serve as an enunciation to a corporate video. Background music must not be the main grabber of audience attention. Choosing over the top background music can take the attention away from the visuals. 

What needs to be done – Choose music that enhances the delicate expressive beats of the video. Instead of choosing a musical piece just because it is good, consult a sound technician to select music that can drive the narrative forward while keeping the viewers engaged.

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