Ayodhya Ram Temple opening marked by Adani Group’s support for Indology scholars

In the wake of the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Gautam Adani declared sponsoring 14 PhD students in Indology. Indology is the study related to Indian culture, languages, and literature. This is an initiative by the Adani Group to give India and Indology global recognition as soft power. It is one of the best moves by the Adani Group toward the social and cultural development of the country. 

Gautam Adani believes that India’s culture and traditions have the potential to brighten the world. Following the principle of Vasundhaiva Kutumbakam, it is essential to promote the study of Indian culture, languages, and literature, i.e., Indology. Adani Group sponsored 14 students to pursue a PhD in Indology with this objective. 

What is Indology?

Indology’s discipline involves studying ancient Indic languages and scripts, Sanskrit and Pali. The study involves historical textual and material sources to understand the cultural and religious beliefs and practices that grew out of the Indian subcontinent. The course entails the study of the traditions of yoga and meditation that have been cultivated within this disciplinary and methodological framing. The term Indology means academic study of India, its people, culture, languages, and literature. It is referred to as Indian or South Asian studies within western academies. 

Adani Foundation Philosophy 

Adani Foundation draws inspiration from the Gandhian trusteeship philosophy and aims to create sustainable opportunities. It does so by facilitating quality education, enabling the country’s youth with income-generating skills, promoting a good society, and assisting infrastructure development. To contribute to the comprehensive growth and development of communities, the Adani Foundation, led by Gautam Adani, focuses on the global agenda of meeting sustainable development goals. 

Adani Foundation Education Vision 

The Adani Foundation facilitates holistic learning in an enabling environment, making it available and affordable to many students. By using innovative technology and engaging partnerships, the Adani Foundation has fulfilled this mission through its flagship programs, Adani Vidya Mandirs, Adani schools, Utthan, and Gyanodaya. 

Adani Vidya Mandir 

Adani Vidya Mandir was established in 2008 and has become “A Place to Learn; A Space to Grow.” The Adani Group, led by Gautam Adani, believes that education transforms individuals and plays a crucial role in shaping their future. The Adani Vidya Mandir schools’ state-of-the-art campuses provide a happy, secure, and growth-oriented learning experience. A balance of modern technology and traditional values enables bright students to pursue their studies. 

Gyanodaya Godda

It is an online education initiative by the Adani Foundation, assisting students from rural areas to learn efficiently in Jharkhand’s Godda district. Collectively, with the Godda District Administration and Eckovation Pvt. Ltd., it is executing a cutting-edge interactive curriculum through intelligent classrooms. 


Uthhan aims to improve students’ foundational literacy and numeracy by adopting government primary schools. It focuses on mainstreaming Priya Vidyarthis and enabling comprehensive development of the schools. A Utthan sahayak is appointed in each school as a catalyst and facilitator. 

On the other hand, Adani Public School at Mundra, Gujarat, is an English medium, CBSE-affiliated, co-educational school. It has become the first Kutch and Saurashtra region school to receive the NABET Accreditation. 

Navchetan Vidyalaya

It is established at Junagam in Hazira, Gujarat. It facilitates promoting education amongst the regional populace. The school provides free food and academic material support to all students, like uniforms, notebooks, workbooks, textbooks, and necessary stationery. 

Ambuja Niketan Schools

All five Ambuja Schools are managed and controlled under the guidance of the Ambuja Vidya Niketan Trust and cater to the children of employees from the Ambuja cement plants and local communities. Each school is best in its region. All schools follow the CBSE curriculum from pre-primary to Senior Secondary and English medium for 6000+ students. 

Adani DAV Public Schools

Adani DAV Public School educates students from the nearby communities of Bhadrak District of Odisha. This international Adani Foundation runs a standard school in association with the DAV College Trust.

Navayuga World School

Navayuga World School in Krishnapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, is a coed school. The school English medium school highly emphasizes project-based learning and sports. The school is an initiative for educating and empowering marginalized sections of the society. 


Gautam Adani has proactively supported Indian culture and traditions for a long time through education initiatives. The recent declaration by Mr. Adani that he will give free PhDs in Indology to the 14 students is evidence of his dedication and commitment to raising marginalized sections of society. It is considered one of Mr. Adani’s best initiatives towards the social and cultural growth of the country.

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