BBQ Hacks for Summer: Life-changing Techniques

essential BBQ gadgets

Summer is here and with it comes BBQ season. In order to fully enjoy the experience, you have to have a good grill, tasty food, and lots of time on your hands. However if you want to get the most out of your barbecue then follow these life changing hacks! From tips for cooking perfect steak to tricks for making amazing ribs these simple techniques will take your summer parties from mediocre to next level! 

This blog post was written by our team in order help provide readers with more information about grilling during this upcoming season. With so many different ways that people can cook their meat we wanted to provide some helpful advice in hopes that everyone has an enjoyable outdoor experience with friends and family. Ready for a summer full of tasty, juicy, perfectly cooked food?

In this book you’ll find the answers to questions like these:

  • What is a chimney starter and why should I use one?
  • How do I turn my gas grill into a smoker?
  • How do I get smoke rings on my brisket ?  
  • What’s the single most important thing I can do to get good at grilling and smoking food?
  • And many more of your questions about propane, charcoal, tongs, thermometers and other essential BBQ gadgets.

You’ll also learn:

  • The best times to smoke on a gas grill versus when you should use a charcoal grill.
  • What’s the difference between a “hot smoke” and a “cold smoke?”
  • Is it safe to brush barbecue sauce on my ribs during the last few minutes of cooking?
  • How do I prepare a perfect camping meal?  

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1. Prepare your grill for cooking over alternating heat zones : Closed lid – High/Open lid – Med

2. Use a chimney starter.    Loading coals into one area ensures you’ll have hot spots and cooler zones, which is great for searing thick steaks, pork shoulder, and thick chops.

3. Use a double-layered aluminum foil packet to smoke on your gas grill : This simple hack will give you the same results as smoking on a charcoal grill over indirect heat.   

4. Throw wood chips right onto your charcoal grill : You can buy wood chips , or you can use dry an empty tin foil packet as a wood chip tray.   

5. Reduce flare-ups by turning your meat at the right time: When grilling steak, chicken, and thick chops turn them over every 2 minutes – it will reduce flare-ups and burning by allowing the flames to cook off.

6. Prepare a 2-zone fire : Placing all your coals on one side of the grill gives you control over how hot/cool each zone is, and will allow you to sear thick steaks and pork shoulder like a pro!   

7. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees before cooking your meal : For even more flavor, place a cast iron skillet in the oven and sear/roast thick steaks, pork shoulder, steakhouse burgers, and thick chops directly on the stovetop.   

8. Rotate chicken breasts a quarter turn every 4-5 minutes: If you’re grilling chicken breasts and other boneless pieces of meat, this trick will keep the food from getting burnt on one side.

9. Maintain a wide gap between your grill grates: If you’re using a charcoal grill , keeping your grill grate elevated at least an inch away from the coals ensures that it won’t burn or char the sides of your food!  

10. Cook thin foods on high, thicker pieces on low heat : Cooking thin foods like hot dogs or sausages directly over medium coals will ensure that they get that perfect charred look, while cooking thick steaks and pork shoulder over low indirect heat will allow them to cook evenly without burning.   

Conclusion paragraph:  

We hope you have found this blog post informative and helpful. If you are looking for more information about grilling during the summer, be sure to read our other posts on how BBQ season is celebrated around the world or check out our corresponding product page where we provide a list of tools that will help make your summer parties next level! You can also contact us if you need assistance.