October 26, 2021

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6 Benefits Of Using Dynamic Flow Heat Exchangers For Your Biofuel Production Facility

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Heat exchangers are used throughout industrial facilities to separate products and waste materials within a liquid medium.

For example, chemicals used in industrial processes such as biofuel production often require separation and purification. The heat exchanger can be integrated into these industrial processes for heating and cooling the chemical components of the process fluid.

we offer a wide array of industrial heat exchangers, including dynamic flow heat exchangers for biofuel production facilities. In this blog, we’ll take a look at six benefits of using dynamic flow heat exchangers in industrial biofuel production facilities.

Improved Chemical Process Efficiency –

The counterflow design of a dynamic flow heat exchanger efficiently transfers thermal energy from one fluid stream to another without contact. Unlike other industrial equipment such as mixers and homogenizers, which can result in product degradation or contamination through direct contact between the media being separated, the kinetic engineering industrial heat exchanger will never come into direct contact with your process liquid medium. This separation enhances chemical purity and extends the life of your industrial chemicals. For example, ethanol produced by industrial biofuel production processes must be highly purified to produce industrial-grade ethanol, which is used as an industrial feedstock for industrial materials. Kinetic’s industrial heat exchangers allow industrial chemical producers to purify industrial chemicals without compromising the purity of the product, or contaminating it with heating elements that might alter the chemical composition.

Transfers Heat More Efficiently –

The counterflow design of a dynamic flow heat exchanger allows each fluid stream to move through the device at its optimal rate for maximum efficiency. The kinetic engineering industrial heat exchanger uses small diameter plates and passages, so your process liquid medium flows across all of them very quickly. This ensures that there are no “dead zones” in your industrial heat exchanger where process fluid could stagnate and become less efficient. The benefits of the kinetic mobile industrial heat exchanger are that it transfers heat quickly and efficiently, preserving valuable industrial chemicals.

Longer Lifespan –

Industrial heat exchangers have a much longer lifespan than other equipment used in industrial processes such as mixers, homogenizers, and flash-type distillation units. Since our industrial heat exchangers never come into direct contact with your process liquid medium, they can be cleaned without having to shut down the unit for maintenance—just take the metal plates out and clean them gently using caustic cleaners or by placing them in an ultrasonic cleaner tank overnight. Some dynamic flow industrial heat exchangers can even be decontaminated by treating the endplates with boiling hydrochloric acid to remove the carbon layer created during industrial chemical treatment.

Reduces Plant Maintenance Costs –

Dynamic flow industrial heat exchanger reduce wear-and-tear on process equipment since they are not in contact with your industrial chemicals, which reduces plant maintenance costs. Since our industrial heat exchangers do not harm process media or transfer materials through direct contact, many can be safely flushed down the drain for disposal when they’ve reached the end of their lifespans. This eliminates waste disposal fees and minimizes environmental liability—two more added benefits of kinetic industrial heat exchangers!

Harmless Process Liquid Medium –

Although some industrial chemical additives may cause corrosion when they come into contact with certain metals, kinetic’s industrial heat exchangers are manufactured using industrial-grade metals that are safe to use with industrial chemical additives. As a result, industrial chemicals and industrial process fluid agents can be safely separated using kinetic industrial heat exchangers, while preserving the purity of the industrial chemical product.

Industrial heat exchangers give industrial biofuel production facilities a number of benefits over other industrial equipment used for industrial chemical production, including speed of industrial chemical transfer, long industrial heat exchanger lifespan, and an industrial heat exchanger design that reduces wear-and-tear on industrial equipment. Our industrial heat exchangers allow industrial biofuel production facilities to purify industrial chemicals without compromising the purity or composition of the resulting product—something not possible with any other industrial equipment.

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