October 1, 2022

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The summer season has started, and in the upcoming days, temperatures will be soaring. This means AC will be cranked to full by the car owners in Dubai. However, using AC puts a lot of pressure on the car battery. People, especially new drivers, often don’t know that car AC derives its power from the battery. Moreover, other electrical devices like your car infotainment system and mobile charger also impact the car battery. That’s why battery failure in summers is more common.

But this article is not about how you can conserve the battery as most of you know these things already. Instead, we will be focusing on car batteries in Dubai. There are many car battery manufacturers inherent in UAE that leave buyers with many options, which often confuse them when choosing the right battery for their car. 

So without wasting much time, let’s head to know the best car battery dealers in Dubai!

Amaron Car Battery

Amaron car battery is among the popular choice of car batteries in Dubai. Amaron warranty can be up to 18 months to 48 months, making it a better choice for owners. 

The shelf time Amaron batteries deliver is very impressive. They can go as long as 6 to 7 months without the need to recharge when not in use. Amaron also provides on-site support, which is not common with battery manufacturers. 

ACDelco Battery 

The reason people highly prefer using ACDelco batteries is their quality. ACDelco battery company is owned by the US General Motors, a testament to its high quality and performance. ACDelco batteries are usually charged and ready for use anytime. They are made to endure harsh weather conditions like the hot climate of Dubai and extreme vibrations.

Many buyers preferred the ACDelco battery over other car batteries because of its maintenance-free and completely sealed (no chance of leakage) quality. If you want a car battery brand in Dubai that offers a very reliable warranty, ACDelco is the right choice.  

Exide Battery 

Exide battery is one of the leading automotive battery brands in the world. With its headquarters in Milton, United States, Georgia, Exide technologies is an
American lead-acid battery manufacturer. The Exide batteries are built to fulfill high energy requirements.

Some Exide battery comprises CCA (cold cranking amps) of about 710 and a reserve capacity of over 2 hours; it’s no miracle Exide is one of the finest battery brands in the UAE.


Hyundai Motor Group makes car batteries popularized as Solite. It is a very common brand in Dubai due to its ruggedness and ability to withstand all weather conditions. 

Solite has been verified to be a trustworthy car battery over the years. It has a very high rating and many positive reviews from formerly purchased units. 

Varta Batteries 

Vatra is a German brand, and people are sure of its quality, performance, and durability. Our research indicates that people use Varta batteries for their long durability, power, and the ability to support multiple electric gadgets at once. 

Eveready Car Battery

This is another American automotive battery brand that upholds the highest quality standards. People prefer it for various reasons, including design, performance, and durability. They are maintenance-free and vibration proof. Apart from this, it is said to be quite resilient despite the intense heat of the UAE.

Optima Battery 

It is easy to find a battery for sale in Dubai. It is crucial to buy the right one; you don’t have to jump-start your car daily. Optima battery offers you high energy, corrosion-free, little or no repair, and amazing performance. With this selection, you will surely get a battery that will last for years without breaking down your vehicle.

Where To Find Quality Car Batteries In Dubai?

If you are looking for an ACDelco battery, you may contact CTC for the best car batteries in Dubai, a popular Al Rostamani Company member – a trusted name in the UAE.

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