4 Best Coffee Roasters in Calgary from Where You Must Get a Bag of Coffee

Being a coffee lover is not easy. There are some people who might drink the same coffee every day and never get tired. And then there are some people who, just like connoisseurs, find an acquired taste for good coffee and they never settle for anything less. And the latter type is the one that looks for the best-roasted coffee for a great taste.

Why Coffee Roasters in Calgary

Coffee roasting is an art. And it is not as easy as it sounds. This is not just the blend of flavors and taste. Coffee roasting is a combination of craftsmanship, passion and love for tasty coffee, an eye for the definitive characteristics of coffee and a lot of hard work. Roasted coffees are created so that you can taste the right flavor and aroma with every sip of it. It brings out the original flavor while roasting out moisturizer out. Roasted coffee is tastier and lighter.

Yes, in the city of Calgary, you might find the glorified international chains of cafes. But if you are looking for something smoother and better, then you must visit the coffee roasters in Calgary. Take a look at the following coffee roasters. 

  • Phil and Sebastian

The coffee journey that started with two engineer friends, Phil and Sebastian, in 2007 has now become a massive success. They opened their first store in Calgary Farmers Market in 2007 and made their first appearance in the local newspaper in the same year in the review by John Gilchrist. They source their original coffee from countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Kenya and Ethiopia and roast them at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. Currently, they are proud owners of eight outlets at Chinook Center, Hudson Block, Marda Loop, Societe Coffee Lounge, Simmons Building Café, Calgary Place and Mission. If you are looking for the best coffee shops in Calgary, your journey should start from here. They have their cafes too where you can visit and taste their freshly brewed authentic coffee with delicious spreads. 

  • JADE Coffee Roasters

If you are looking for high-quality organic coffee that is sourced directly, then JADE Coffee Roasters is a place you must visit. They offer rainforest-certified coffee beans that will entice you with their authentic taste and aroma. Get a bag of roasted coffee from them and you can brew your fresh cup of coffee every morning to kick start your day. Roasted coffee comes with a fresh aroma and the trust of taste and smell that stays longer as the moisture has been roasted out of the coffee beans. JADE Coffee Roasters offers coffee that has no pesticide or inorganic chemicals. When you are looking for the best coffee roasters in Calgary, you must get a bag from here. 

  • Dingo Coffee Co.

Dingo Coffee Co. is one of the best coffee roasters from Calgary. The unique part of their coffee is that they deliver coffee on weekly basis. They are one of the most authentic coffee roasters in the city and have been a family-run business. They combine their passion for coffee and create signature blends. As coffee lovers like you look for a freshly brewed cup every morning, Dingo Coffee Co.  ensures you get the most amazing ones every week. The shelf life of coffee is not so long. Once you open the bag, the taste and aroma of the coffee start fading away. But with Dingo Coffee, you can rest assured as you will get a weekly delivery of your favorite coffee.

  • Motherload Coffee

This is another renowned coffee roaster that has started its journey recently. Founded and owned by two women in Calgary, they have started offering coffee since 2020. They combine the commitment and authenticity of Peru with the charm of Canada and produce the best coffee you can have today.

So, if you are looking for the best coffee roasters to get your hands on the best coffee beans for a tasty time, order from these roasters today.