Best Hand Dryer Reviews And Guide.!

Finding your towel after washing hands is a waste of time. What if you get an option to dry your hands without using a towel or tissues? Here is a better option. You can use a hand dryer instead of clothes to dry your hands. You just need to put your hands inside or below the dryer and get it dried. They are available in different designs and models and can be fixed next to the basins for effective use. 

When you put your hands below the dryer the fan starts working and it dries the hands in just a few seconds. They can be installed in public and private restrooms that give more convenience to the users. The towel that is kept to clean hands is used by so many people and may consist of germs and bacteria that can be harmful to others using it and the tissues thrown in the dustbin makes the place untidy so a better option is to place a hand dryer rather than keeping all these kinds of stuff. 

You can choose them as per the use and requirement. For hotels or commercial places, you need the one that takes less time to dry the hands. If you are getting it for your personal use then you can select any model that you like. Here are some of the most preferred hand dryers that are widely used at hotels, offices and schools.

KR Automatic Hand Dryer

This elegant hand dryer machine curved from the top is a high-speed hand dryer is an effective device that helps you dry your hands in just a few seconds. It can be placed at offices, hotels, hospitals and is also preferable for home.

 You just need to keep your hands below the dryer and it will automatically start blowing air and dry your hands in just a few seconds. The product is not too large and it requires less space. So if you want to place it in your private washroom then it can be the perfect pick. 

Why to choose it:

  • It is the best one if you have space issues as it requires minimum space. 
  • The curved design and white color give it an elegant and classy look. 
  • It makes your hands dry in just a few seconds.  


The dryer requires very little time to get installed. You get a manual that guides you on how to get it fixed in a proper way.  

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

This stylish and fancy air hand dryer is just too effective. You need to put your hands inside the dryer and after that, the air will blow to dry your hands. They are perfect for malls and offices. After washing your hands put your hands in the space that you see on the top, as soon as you put the hands inside the air starts blowing and it turns off after you take your hands out. This metallic hand dryer will make you free from using towels and tissues. 

Why to choose it:

  • It has the most attractive design and can be mounted at any wall. 
  • It does not have any push button so you don’t need to touch it. 
  • This easy to use dryer can be used by kids and adults. 


It is placed near the basin so that people wash their hands and get them dried at the same place. It is easy to install and can be fixed at any wall without any trouble.   

Euronics Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

This classy and shiny euronics stainless steel hand dryer takes less than 20 seconds to get your hands fully dried. It is a wall-mounted touch-free dryer that blows a preferable amount of air and stops after you take your hands off. It has a dual ball bearing motor that uses a minimum amount of voltage. This modern and stylish air hand dryer is convenient for hospitals and workplaces as you don’t need to touch them to start. 

Why to choose it:

  • It consumes less energy and takes less time to make your hands dry. 
  • Its stainless property makes it the most favourable product. 
  • As it is touch-free it is perfect for a place where a large number of people visit in a single day.  


It has an easy installation process. It makes less noise and has a powerful sensor. You can get help from the manual provided with the dryer.    

Askon Hand Dryer

If you have a simple and elegant choice then this hand dryer can be the best pick. Square shape with a blower at the corner is giving it a sober look. It has a slight curve above the blower that makes it easier to find where the fan is. The product has a shiny appeal and has curves at the edges. It is perfect for office use and malls with a touch-free sensor. This single blower air hand dryer helps you to dry your hands in just a few seconds. 

Why to choose it:

  • Single blower and is more preferable for personal places. 
  • The company provides many different models with modern designs. 
  • It has a unique filter with rust-free characteristics. 


This easy and safe hand dryer can be easily mounted on the wall. Just look at the guide and work accordingly. 

Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

This stainless steel hand dryer by monument cleaning solutions. It has a polished and shiny surface that makes it look like a super classy hand dryer. It consists of an automatic blower that helps to dry your hands faster. It is a simple and elegant dryer that has a slanting design at the top. The blower at the front corner is giving it an interesting look. Mount it at hotels, airports or any other commercial place and forget those old techniques of using towels and tissues.

Why to choose it:

  • It is stylish and modern with easy installation techniques. 
  • It has a classy and shiny look and can be easily fixed on walls. 
  • It has powerful filters that help to maintain hygiene.  


The sensor starts working as soon as you take your hands near the dryer. You can get it fixed with a simple and easy process.