October 3, 2022

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Best Kundli Matching Websites Available Online for 2022

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best Kundli matching

Marriages are one of the most auspicious and beautiful things that could happen in someone’s life. It is not just a matter of the union of hearts but also the traditions and celebrations involved. But to get that the first step of every wedding is checking the best Kundli matching. This needs to be done between the couple to be married.

Because checking the best Kundli matching is an important step in Indian weddings. Checking the Kundli of the prospective bride and groom will tell a lot about their life together after their wedding. This has always been an unwritten tradition in the Indian culture and weddings.

This was possible in the olden days because of the availability of time and resources. Nowadays it is not easy to find a reliable resource to do the best Kundli matching. But to help you in finding time to meet an astrologer for Kundli matching online platforms can assist. But still, the reliability part needs some effort to find the right person.

To help you find the most reliable astrologer to do the best Kundli matching for your wedding. Because it is hard to find the best online Kundli matching platform because of the abundance of the platform. Selecting the right platform is important because the correct result of your Kundli matching is based on selecting the right platform. We have listed some of the best Kundli matching websites to do your Kundli matching.


Betterhalf is a widely acknowledged new-age matrimony platform by the younger generation for its new-age matrimony ideas. They are already having more than 10000 successful weddings and 15 lakh+ verified users on their platform. Apart from being a matrimony platform, they are providing many other services related to weddings.

They are also providing one of the best Kundli matching services in the Kundli matching field. All you have to do is enter the required details to get the best Kundli matching of your horoscopes. You can also check the daily horoscopes, nakshatra and numerology through their platform. Betterhalf is not just another platform to check the best Kundli matching. Because you can find all wedding-related services on this one platform.

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Astrosage is one of the best and most reliable platforms to do the best Kundli matching for your wedding. The results from this platform are flawless and quick. In addition, the bride and groom should provide their name, date of birth, time and place. Then their program will analyze the inputs to provide correct results.

In addition, you can also talk to an astrologer if you want some advice on the best Kundli matching. Even though it is online they follow the principles of our Vedic astrology to give the results. The best part about Astrosage is that you can also use the platform for free without paying anything.


Another best kundli matching platform to check your kundli matching with your prospective bride or groom. They are also providing the best kundli matching service for free to their users for their weddings. In addition, the users can also talk to astrology experts or chat with them through the platform.

Features of AstroTalk Free Kundali Software

  • Daily horoscopes for various sun signs
  • Kundali matching to check the compatibility between the zodiac signs
  • A forum for astrology-related queries and answers
  • Option to talk with an astrologer of your choice

They provide excellent service in giving advice and solution to their user with their experienced astrologers. The users can ask any questions related to their career, education, business, love life, wedding and much more. They are also selling Rudraksha, gemstones and many other religious decor items. You can buy anything you want through their platform.

Click Astro

Click Astro is one of the fastest and most reliable websites available in the market. They use the Vedic astrology method of matchmaking to provide correct results. This platform generates and analyses the Janam kundli of the couple. Based on this information, their programme generates the final report of the best kundli matching.

Even though the platform is free to use, the users have to pay to get the complete report. The report includes full wedding compatibility and the best kundli matching. The users can also check their compatibility score of them through the platform. These reports will help you understand the important aspects of a wedding.


Astroyogi is a free online platform to check the best kundli matching of any wedding couple. They achieve exact results through the Vedic astrology methods. You can also check your yearly horoscope based on your sun sign. In addition, you can also make Panchang – Hindu calendar through the platform.

This will help you to understand the future of your personal and professional life. If you want to know the best gemstone for you, this platform will help you. In addition, you can also get Vastu advice for your new home, job, wedding and so on.

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