Which is The Best Paint Brand in Dubai?

A good paint brand in Dubai can help you find the perfect shade and finish for your home exterior and interior. A beautiful finish for your residential walls is most desirable for the overall look and ambience of the house. The best paint supplier will help you pick the best paint shade for your home walls. A good paint supplier will help you find the volume you need in whatever shade you select. Read on to learn how to find the best paint brand to use. 

Important Factors We Considered When Choosing Industrial Paint Suppliers

You can find the best paint brand in Dubai based on the factors mentioned below. We considered the following factors when choosing industrial paint suppliers that have a considerable presence in Dubai. 

  • Experience and expertise 

Experience is something that should be taken into account when looking for a good paint brand. A paint brand that has been around for a long time will also provide you with high-quality paint and painting supplies. You should find a paint brand that has been active for many years in Dubai and is known for its quality and expertise. 

  • Reviews

When looking for the best paint brand in Dubai, you should also look for the customer reviews they have garnered. The reviews that the brand has talked a lot about the quality and experience that the brand offers to its customers. If you see authentic and good reviews for the paint brand, you can trust the paint brand and think about getting paint from the same. If the paint brand has some negative reviews and a recurrent issue is pointed out, you should consider other choices. 

  • Safety

Earlier paints used to come with lead and other toxic chemicals that could harm humans and plants. However, now, people’s priority is to find eco-friendly and safe paints that make homes beautiful and well-protected for families. You need to find a paint brand that offers the promise of safety with all its products. You should buy paint that is safe to use and does not emit any toxic fumes and bad smells either.  

  • Quality

The quality of the paint matters the most because it covers a lot of parameters. You should check for the quality of the paint and the overall finish it will give to the walls of your home. You should visit the paint brand store and check for their quality in person before selecting a shade. The materials used should make the paint extra bright and easy to apply. The materials put into the paint should make it long-lasting and protective from external environmental factors. Check for all the quality assessment tests that have been run on the paint, and then choose the best one for your home walls. 

  • Cost

You should also look into the cost factor of the paint from the brand you select. The paint cost should not be too high and should come under your budget. It can be a bit pricey, but it should balance out the cost and quality factors so you can easily buy it and use it on your residence walls. Choose a paint brand that creates different paint ranges and can give you options within your painting budget. 

The top 3 Paint brands in Dubai 

Here are the names of the top three paint brands in Dubai that people of the city trust and use for their residential spaces. 

  • Gulf Paints  

Gulf Paints is a leading paint brand in Dubai that produces paints and adhesives for construction purposes. Gulf Paints creates paint for house walls and house exteriors. The paint sold by Gulf Paints is readily available in Dubai and is of very high quality. It has no toxic chemicals and is safe to use for residential purposes. Here are the touch points for Gulf Paints that you can contact. 

Website- https://gulfpaints.com/ 

Mail- info@gulfpaints.com  

Contact number- +971 3 7212 888

Address- Al Ain, UAE 

  • Asian Paints 

Asian Paints, which recently merged with Berger, is the third-largest manufacturer of paint in Asia and is a paint brand to consider for your residential walls. Asian Paints has a large selection of paint shades for residences, which can be easily used because of their nontoxic properties. The brand has a huge presence in the Dubai market and caters to a lot of companies and families with its high-grade paint. 

Web- https://www.asianpaintsarabia.com/uae/en/home.html 

Mail- NA 

Contact number- 80027237437

Address- Multiple stores in Dubai 

  • Caparol Paints 

Caparol Paints are well known for their European quality and promise of sustainability. They have been popular for decades and are very trustworthy for people and distributors. Therefore, you can be assured of the high quality and premium finish of its industrial-level paints. Moreover, it is a brand that stresses eco-friendly paint to a great extent. They produce emulsions and enamels in an environment-friendly manner. You will find sustainable and premium paint options at any Caparol Paints store. 

Website- https://www.caparolarabia.com/ 

Mail-  Info@caparol.ae 

Contact number- +971 43687600

Address- Dubai Industrial City, Saih Shuaib – 4


The above three brands have been catering to the public of Dubai and UAE for many years. Other paint brands in Dubai also supply high-quality paints to customers and distributors. To find more about paint suppliers in Dubai and painters for your home walls, you can search on ReachUAE. On the ReachUAE website, you will find the best painters in Dubai. 

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