Best Protein Supplement For Better Muscle Growth And BodyBuilding

A protein supplement is essential for anyone who is into bodybuilding. Protein is a must to improve muscle growth, strength and stamina. Protein helps to repair and regenerate muscles. The body requires protein to generate hormones, enzymes, and other compounds. 

There are multiple protein supplements for men and women to choose from. A protein supplement can be consumed at any time of the day depending on the body’s needs and fitness goals. The Source of protein is also an important factor when choosing any protein supplement. While whey protein supplements are the most popular, people with a vegan lifestyle prefer plant-based protein supplements. Let’s try and understand what some of the best bodybuilding supplements out there are.

Whey Protein Supplements 

Whey protein supplements are very popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders due to the quality of protein. Whey protein is also a complete protein providing all the essential amino acids. It is important to choose grass-fed protein sources as they are purer than others. There are three main types of whey protein health supplements.

· Whey Concentrate

whey concentrates generally contain 60–80 % protein, with the remaining 20–40% fat and carbs. Whey concentrate supplements can provide up to 24g of pure protein that helps in muscle growth. Look for a supplement with added Branched Chain Amino Acids that fuel muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis to prevent muscle breakdown. Glutamine is a very important amino acid to speed up muscle recovery and significantly increases protein synthesis. A combination of high-quality whey protein, BCAA and glutamine makes whey concentrate an ideal bodybuilding supplement. 

· Whey Hydrolysed

hydrolysed protein is more readily absorbed in the body because it is produced by additional heating with acid or enzymes, which breaks the bonds between amino acids. Whey hydrolysed supplements help to provide a higher level of muscle strength, endurance and unbeatable performance. Again, look for added BCAAs and glutamine. Whey protein also helps in lean muscles and recovery. 

· Whey Isolate

whey isolate is almost all protein with very few carbs and lactose. It is an ideal protein supplement for athletes and bodybuilders. A whey isolate protein supplement is a high-quality, ultrafiltered protein supplement that provides 90% pure isolate whey protein with ultra-low carb and fat. A good quality isolate supplement can provide up to 26g of pure protein, 6g of BCAA and 4.5 g of glutamine. The added digestive enzyme also increases the quality of protein. 

Casein Protein Supplements

Casein protein supplements are health supplements which are quite popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. Casein protein provides the body with all essential amino acids to help build muscle. Casein protein is digested more slowly than whey protein, so it is better at reducing appetite and increasing feelings of fullness. 

Casein protein supplements are the best bet to bulk up. Many people join the gym with a single focus on improving strength and stamina. Casein protein has anti-catabolic properties, which doubles the effect whey protein has on chest, legs and shoulder strength. Including casein protein in your regular diet, along with other sources of protein, help to gain muscles. 

Plant Protein Supplements

As the vegan lifestyle becomes more popular, so is the use of plant-based supplements. Many people believe that vegan supplements are dietary supplements, but they are much more than that. Plant protein supplements are also bodybuilding supplements. They are made with the same criteria as the other protein powder already on the market, and it provides roughly the same nutritional advantages to those who use them.  

The most common sources of plant proteins are peas, brown rice, soy, seed etc. Plant-based proteins are regarded as incomplete protein sources as they fail to provide all the amino acids. Therefore, while choosing a plant protein supplement, make sure it contains a blend of protein sources like peas and brown rice for the complete amino acid profile. 

Proteins and amino acids work together to restore muscle cells; they are especially helpful for athletes who experience slight tears in those tissues. Plant protein supplements increase muscle growth because it is one of the most quickly digestible forms of amino acids. A good quality plant protein should provide around 30g of protein with added BCAAs for post-workout recovery.

Other Protein supplements

Many bodybuilders consume egg protein, which usually consists of the protein from egg white. There are also other well-known and popular multi-component proteins made from various protein sources like mostly whey protein, soy protein, milk protein and egg protein. Many people like to use multi-sourced protein for muscle recovery, meal replacement or immunity. They also help to accomplish fat loss or muscle gain.

Identifying your daily protein requirements and fitness objectives is typically a good idea before choosing a protein supplement. Look for nutritional information, allergy information, and composition. The product needs to be approved and free of illegal chemicals like steroids. Only purchase from a merchant who has been approved whether you want to be sure you are getting authentic protein supplement items or not.