The 4 Best RO Under 15000 | Buying Guide

Water pieces of equipment play a major role in day-long stress and busy working programs. Mainly in cities like Mumbai where most workers and working persons leave, drinking water displays an essential need.

Seasons like summer bring in more thirst and ultimately the need to drink the water and heating the tap water is hard after returning from the whole hectic working hours.

 Therefore water purifiers should be present in every household to reduce the works as well as for avoiding waterborne diseases that have adverse impacts on health.

Even if you are a middle-class form trying for maintaining the savings after monthly budget control plans, there is the best ro under 15000 which will be productive for you in every sense.

1. Havells Max 8 Liters RO UV Water Purifier in Indian market

When it comes to the drinking water in working areas mainly in cities like Mumbai which takes heat to the last level, portable, and best effective water purifier would be the best choice.

This 8 liters Havells Max purifier would be the ideal choice for any working place giving it the best water purifier for Mumbai.

The futuristic RO and UV 7 staged purification technology with UV- c provides the most reliable drinking water in any season. It is compatible with all areas in the room such as corners; tabletops, as well as walls, mounts too.

Features: –

  • The incredible seven-stage RO and UV purification method is surely the best technology presented in the water purifier world.
  • Havells Max is built with a metals technology that can revitalize the water particles, balances the ph levels, and absorbs essential metals making the water healthier to drink.
  • The forward alert system features in this Havells max triggers for every error while doing such as pump failure, UV and SV failures, tank full alerts, etc.
  • Unique soft touch and Zero splash cold in this purifier are the most beneficial points to a normal user.
  • The easy-to-clean and removable water tank reduces maintenance efforts.

2. Kent Ace Mineral 7 Liters 60-watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier in the Indian market

Almost all Indian homes and services rely on municipal water for drinking purposes. The water from the taps includes heavy chemicals and impurities that may end in water from the iron piping system.

This 7-liter RO+UV+UF water purifier from Kent is specifically designed to purify salty water and to provide 100% safe drinking water. It can be suited for both houses and services due to the high storage capacity, easy-to-mount feature, and available double purification technology.

Features: –

  • The forward double RO and UV purification technology with UF helps in cleaning the inlet water from any source.
  • TDS controller with Kent’s very own metal RO technology makes it the most favored one. The efficient computer-controlled operation included in Kent ace mineral water purifier has many alert services which makes it extra convenient.
  • The high storage capacity of 7 liters also comes with a lightning purification speed of 15 liters per hour which gives an incredible show.
  • White and Aquamarine red tanks merge this purifier with any places and also consume less electricity.
  • Highly compatible and can be mounted on the countertop of the kitchen or in cabins of services without any clutters.
  • Body made up of ABS-grade plastics makes it leakage-free and simple to clean too.

3. Bluestar Majestic MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier in the Indian market

Both elegance and performance preloaded in it, this is an all-around water purifier with multi-staged cleaning for inlet water. If you are finding a smart purifier with high room capacity and current savings features then the blue star is the proper choice for you.

The RO+UV protection in it can expose any kind of dissolved impurities starting from harmful bacteria and germs to the heavy metals suspended in the water while supply.

Even fluorine and chlorine levels in the water can be compared with the high-grade layers stored in it making the water safer and healthier to drink.

Features: –

  • The RO and UV purification makes it the most secure purifier for domestic purposes.
  • The black and silver color improves the look of the filter to suit the professional interior designs of the building and home.
  • The high storage space of 8 liters tank can be enough for the number of souls in an office.
  • Although Blue-star Majestic is an electronic purifier, maintenance is easy due to the detachable tanker and parts.
  • Incredible 500 to 200 ppm of filtration ability makes it more powerful than the renowned companies in the market.
  • The whole collection is made up of food-grade plastic which makes it safer to use and also easy to clean and maintain.

4. Kent Wonder Plus 7 Liters RO + UF Water Purifier in the Indian market

This is probably the best water purifier that should be given priority when you are set for getting the best-suited water purifier for your home. Mineral RO Technology which was started with Kent is now world-renowned due to its unbelievable benefits to every household. This Kent wonder plus wall-mounted water purifier ranks top in the race of best ro under 15000 rupees. It is an electric purifier with 7 liters of an area having a 1-year warranty and 3 straight years of no assistance charge required.

Features: –

  • Mineral ROTM technology is the best water process that can retain all the natural essential minerals with the help of a TDS controller.
  • This purifier does the multi-stage RO+UF purification method which cleans every run impurity from water starting from heavy metals to harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • High-speed cleaning of 15 liters per hour makes it more reliable which involves 7 liters of water that can be easily purified within a few minutes.
  • The entire purifier is made from ABS food-grade plastic which suggests there will be no kind of leakages and no extra maintenance is needed for the push back design.