5 Ways to choose the best Toilet for your Singapore HDB

The customary gravity-flush toilet is a lovely hassle-free toilet plumbing management due to the advanced mechanism. The lack of water inlet valves, flush valves, and wax rings that seal the toilet to the floor requires occasional replacement. But the porcelain and porcelain equipment itself can maintain a very good working condition. Take a walk for a long time unless the bowl or tank is broken. 

In any case, the toilet replacement should be done according to your choice. For example when refurbishing the washroom or adapting water-saving highlights accessible in today’s toilet plans. 

DIY HDB toilet bowl replacement can appear to be scary work. 

Yet, it’s genuinely simple with a little report and arranging in advance. In any case, before you get to that point, you want to know something regarding how to quantify for another toilet. 

And what sort of choices do you have when buying a toilet bowl replacement for HDB. 

Taking Measurements 

The initial step is to gauge cautiously to guarantee that the toilet you buy will fit in a similar area as the bygone one. Estimating is finished with the old toilet still set up. 

Start by estimating from the wall behind the toilet to the focal point of the bolts at the foundation of the toilet. If your current toilet has four bolts, measure to the focal point of the back bolts. This estimation is known as the rough-in in estimation. For a standard toilet, the harsh in estimation ought to be between 11 inches and 13 inches. Keep this estimation helpful when you go to buy the replacement toilet bowl. 

If the rough-in quote is not between 11 “and 13”, then a standard toilet will not fit in the room. Then, you should look for an HDB toilet bowl designed for that particular distance. Toilets intended for a 10-inch rough-in in estimation are moderately normal. They are regularly utilized in a tiny restroom where space is along with some hidden costs. For more modest washrooms, it is additionally a smart thought to gauge the space encompassing the toilet. If you select a toilet with an alternate bowl shape, it might occupy an excess of room and make it difficult to move around the toilet. 

Toilet Type 

The primary choice is between one-piece and two-piece models. With one-piece toilets, the tank and bowl are each of the fundamental units. These toilets look exceptionally smooth and have a position of safety, however, they are by and large more exorbitant than the regular two-piece toilets. Since two-piece toilets are more normal, they are additionally more seriously estimated. 

There are additionally now profoundly refined insightful toilets that incorporate highlights like customizable temperature warmed seats or even self-cleaning capacities that kill the requirement for tissue. 


Toilets come in different setups for various uses and needs. 

Among the contemplations you can browse: 

Bowl shape

When picking a toilet bowl, you can browse those with bowls that are stretched, smaller – lengthened, or round-front. Lengthened toilets offer further seating regions and will fit most private applications. Minimized prolonged toilets have a somewhat more limited impression and occupy less room while as yet offering great solace. Round-front toilets occupy the least room and are a decent decision where space is at a higher cost than normal. 

Seat tallness 

Standard-stature toilets sit down that is about 17 crawls over the floor. Seat tallness toilets are somewhat taller at around 19 creeps over the floor, making them a lot more straightforward to use for more established individuals or those with portability limits. There are likewise custom-stature toilets that mount on the wall and can be set at statures going from around 15 creeps to 28 crawls over the floor. 

Toilet trap arrangement: 

The toilet can have an uncovered trap arrangement. If the base sling of the device is visible from the side-the sling arrangement is covered by the installation plan so that the side view of the toilet provides a flat surface. This is an issue of feel. The flashy snare toilet is suitable for a model-style washroom with a platform sink. And also a free-standing tub, while the stowed snare toilet is suitable for examining modern toilets. 

Flush-handle areas:

Toilet handles that work the flush system can be either on the left or right half of the tank or might be put on the top cover. There are likewise touchless flush models, in which a straightforward touch anyplace on the tank starts the flush. Also, today, there are even toilets with electronic controller flushing frameworks. 

Flush Technology 

Single flush: 

These toilets convey a similarly predictable flush with each utilization. Most use around 1 to 1.5 gallons for every flush, however, models that utilization even less is accessible. Since it is the most normal, this sort offers the amplest scope of plans, shapes, and shadings. 

Double flush: 

These have a two-stage switch instrument that offers either a light flush for fluid waste or a full flush for strong waste. Light flushes use just .6 gallons of water, while the substantial flush uses around 1.5 or more gallons. 

Touchless flush: 

These toilets have a battery-charged electronic sensor that starts the flush by a flood of the hand over the sensor eye. Since there is no actual contact, there is minimal shot at spreading microorganisms. 


New toilets can differ generally in cost. They go from under SGD 150 for fundamental economy models to upwards of SGD 6500 or more for smart toilets. If you decide to replace the toilet, buy additional exclusions such as wax gaskets and storage room screws. 

Numerous toilets today accompany the water-supply valve built in the tank to make installation simple. However, it’s conceivable you might have to purchase this part independently, as well. No matter where you replace the toilet, it is wise to replace the water hose and shutoff valve.