The best web design trends of 2022

Information Technology is one of those industries which changes rapidly and constantly. There are many aspects in the field of IT, and one of those is web designing. With constant increases in trends and evolution, it has been an eventful year.

If we go through the trends and see the common grounds the retro themes and aesthetics have picked up the market. With playful interfaces which are interactive and less polished modern elements, the scope of design has increased a lot. Not just the looks of these websites matter, speed plays an important role too. Research said that users have become keener on the looks and the speed of the website. It is said that indifference is the opposite of love, so if you want to grab your user’s eyes and heart make sure you don’t bore them.

  1. Memphis

Inspired by the 1980s, Memphis is popular because of its tasteful formal looks and departure from minimalist designs. This makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. This design is colorful, chaotic, and fun, Web Design Course in Rajkot which makes you use it whenever you want to add fun and brightness to your site. If the niche you are working in is fashion,food,lifestyle brand this is perfect for you. Formal sites or bank sites this isn’t for you.

  1. Retro looks

With the 80s trend emerging, the revival of the ’90s wasn’t far. This year many websites were noted to be found in 90s aesthetics. Many 90s websites exist but we don’t recommend you copy exactly everything for your website, getting some parts and elements of these websites can work very well for your website bringing a retro touch to it.

The elements you can choose for your websites can be bright colors, retro fonts, pixelated icons, and geometric shapes that bring nostalgia to the users. Using these web designs can be perfect and work amazing for websites of Fashion brands, those who want to add a fun personality to their website, and music enthusiasts. This sure is going to bring an iconic touch to your website.

  1. Visible Borders

To pop up the elements you are arousing in your website, you can just add borders to them. This design is becoming very popular among websites these days. This way you can bring the attention of the users to the elements and make them the highlight of your website. Just use them in the right proportion, using them randomly can make your website look clustered.

  1. Grainy Gradients

Gradients have been in the field of design for a very long time now. But lately, they have seen a boom in the industry with being more experimental. Designers these days are using and playing with many hues and unusual methods to make the website more aesthetic. For those who want to add a chic and visual attraction to their website using this method of the web, designing is perfect for you. You don’t need to add too many colors to make it visually attractive.

  1. Glass Morphism

This is another trendy method that is emerging drastically in the industry of design. This takes its inspiration from geomorphic which is adding 3D effects to the websites, with glassy elements. So the website will have a sheen that looks like sparkling elements, or the buttons might have glassy effects.

These visual effects are used to add more uniqueness to the website and make it more visually attractive. These effects are used to add more focus or to add broader aspects to the site. Don’t add too much as it might make your website look more difficult to understand.

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  1. Behavioral design

This method is used to try and change the user’s behavior and influence the website. Though being a new trend it is gaining great popularity among designers. The techniques which are used in these designing methods are gamification or exit intent pop-ups which will help you to make the user stay a bit longer on the website.

For those who want to create engagement and conversion from their website, this is the perfect design for you. But you should use this method without making it feel like a task, it should always come naturally and be easy for the user to do. Making it feel like a task will drive your user away.

  1. Neo-brutalism

Inspired by the brutalist style of architecture this style of design is taking a peak these days. The results that we get from these aesthetic methods are raw, stripped. For those who want something simple but very impactful which is very easy for the user to navigate and use, this is the one for you. This method when used makes the website look edgy and makes it perfect for lifestyle brands.

  1. Parallax Scrolling

The trend got popular in 2021, which is still perfect and popular. This method of parallax scrolling adds depth to the website and even adds a dimension to it by using elements at different speeds. Using too much movement can make your website look disorganized.

  1. Moving Type

This eye-catching and engaging element is small and has a subtle movement to it. The popularity comes from the cinematography used in this website, as these can be used on a variety of platforms like other social media.

  1. Oversized typographic hero image

Oversized typographic hero images are all about being big, bold, and impactful. This helps you to create a statement on their website. These elements can be used to create a brand message or any call of action button.

Overdoing of this method can make it too much, as this can easily be overdone. Make sure you use it wisely.

  1. Handmade graphics

Embracing the imperfection is what trends are all about. Everyone loves digital tools to create art and graphics, even the typography, but who doesn’t like a little bit of homemade touch to it?

This method is a clean contrast with trendy handmade and organic graphics. You’ll find designers using hand-drawn elements and illustrations to add more charm to the website.