Best Winter Treks in India

We often have a question in our mind, what should we do during the winter holidays? What are activities and places we can enjoy during these cold months of the year? What if I tell you that there are a few places that are just perfect for you and your family? What if you can go to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth and be mesmerised by its natural beauty. And what better place of natural beauty than an amazing trek to the mountains? 

Yes, you read it right, trekking is something that is not often considered a winter activity, mainly because people think that it is going to be extremely cold on the hills, and they are somewhat right about that, but you must consider the beauty and adventure that these cold arid regions offer during these winter months. 

Below we have mentioned some of the best winter treks that you can go to this holiday season, so what are you waiting for? A sign from the heavens? start planning, and pack your bags for the next adventure of your life! 

Kedarkantha Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Region: Gaichawan Gaon, Uttarakhand

Duration: 6 Days

The Kedarkantha trek doesn’t even need an introduction, a trek that has exploded in terms of popularity. It has charming campsites, a breathtaking summit climb, and without a doubt one of the best winter experiences that the Himalayas have to offer. The majority of trekkers have it as their bucket list trek, and it is justified because it’s not every day you come across such a winter trek.

Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Region: Raithal, Uttarakhand

Duration: 6 Days

This is a trek we love mainly because it’s such a relaxing climb and even then it gives you such grand returns. One simply never expects views and experiences this exquisite on a trek that is this easy! And during the winter season, it’s even prettier with the meadows blanketed in shining white snow and pleasant cold weather. 

Even though this trek is relatively easier to climb, and is ideal for families and beginners during winters. But you must not let that stop you if you are an experienced trekker — you can go on this trek for ten times straight and won’t shed a drop of sweat. We will recommend this trek to even those who have already seen it in the summer or monsoon season. The sole reason being that this is a completely different trek in winter.

Deoriatal – Chandrashila Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Region: Sari, Uttarakhand

Duration: 6 Days

This is one of those treks we dearly absolutely love. It was once upon a time one of India’s most popular winter treks. But its popularity died down because the forest department closed some of the crucial campsites. But now some new alternative campsites have been built. So we recommend you run back to this grand trek.

The trail, of course, remains as charming as ever with its throbbing forests, the lake and the fun ascend to the Tungnath temple and Chandrashila summit.

This trek honestly gives a very unfair reward for the amount of effort one puts in. You get to look at almost all the magnificent peaks of the Indian Himalayas including Mt Nanda Devi, which is India’s highest summit. And you definitely get to experience snow during the winter. If the dates suit your schedules, then you must book this trek, without thinking twice. 

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