What are The Biggest Challenges in an SEO Campaign?

Those who have the experience of running an SEO campaign have the knowledge of the various challenges which prop up. The nature of these challenges vary, some being caused by changes in technology and others influenced by shifts in audience behavior. 

It is often the case that digital marketing and SEO campaigns fall apart because of a lack of awareness of these challenges. In many cases, people running campaigns fail to address little problems that morph into great obstacles in the later stages of a campaign. This again highlights why a campaign must anticipate the SEO challenges which may arise. 

The difficult part is that most SEO courses do not broach this topic very often. There are some aspects of a campaign that cannot be understood through traditional teaching and need trainers to go beyond the pre-determined syllabus. From an online training tutorial to an SEO course in Delhi, there is a lack of understanding of the challenges which arise during a campaign.

In this article, we discuss a few SEO challenges daunting marketers in a given digital marketing campaign.

Managing Drop is Search Rankings

Many marketers expect rankings to always rise in an SEO campaign. This is because there is a general belief that the efforts of a campaign will only yield positive results. The same fallacy occurs in sports, especially basketball, called the hot hand fallacy. In this fallacy, a player makes a series of consecutive shots, and the public naturally thinks he is more than likely to get the next one too. In truth, there is only a 50-50 chance a player makes a shot at any given stage. 

In search rankings as well, there are many unexpected turns that can make a site rank lower than before. From losing a couple of backlinks to the content losing relevance, any combination of factors can come together to cause search ranking to fall. 

Marketers should expect an SEO challenge such as this one, and respond swiftly after figuring out why the ranking fell in the first place. 

Single Channel Dependence 

Many digital marketers find an ideal channel to focus their efforts on and proceed to pour all their resources into that. While such a strategy may work for a while, it is dangerous to rely on one platform forever. 

For instance, if a brand depends solely on blog content but has little social media presence, it is likely that performance on blog dips causing the entire campaign to fall apart. Dealing with such challenges requires foresight, which is why digital marketers should invest their efforts across multiple avenues to reduce dependence on any one platform. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two important SEO challenges which digital marketers should be aware of.  

About the Author – Kanika Soni is a digital marketer and content specialist with seven years of experience in consulting. She currently writes for DelhiCourses.in, one the best digital marketing institute in Delhi.  

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